Health IS Wealth Group Inc. Launches New, Innovative and Effective Dietary Supplements to Their Product Line in 2024

July 10 20:39 2024
Health IS Wealth Group Inc. Launches New, Innovative and Effective Dietary Supplements to Their Product Line in 2024
Unique Natural Health Products for Mitochondrial, Brain, Gut, Sleep, Liver, Immune and Joint Health Promote Healthy Aging, Longevity, Wellness and Better Quality of Life.

Sunny Rodhey is the founder of Health IS Wealth Group Inc., a pioneering health and wellness company based in Canada, dedicated to creating proprietary and highly effective natural health products grounded in the latest scientific research.

Rodhey is passionate about health and wellness. He lost his father and two uncles to Alzheimer’s disease and these tragedies led to the launch of the Health IS Wealth® brand in 2017. Rodhey recognized the need for sufficiently dosed, synergistic multi-ingredient natural health supplements containing traditional and western nutrients. He utilized his knowledge and experience as a Scientist to create the Health IS Wealth® line of dietary supplements to promote healthy aging, improve wellness and enhance quality of life.

Health IS Wealth Group Inc. products are scientifically formulated based on human clinical studies and contain powerful combinations of nutrients sourced from high-quality raw materials that are certified, quality assured, vegetarian, organic, GMO and allergen free. All formulations are licensed, approved and authorized for sale by Health Canada.

The latest additions to the Health IS Wealth® product line are AugMEND, a mitochondrial health and antioxidant formulation designed to protect cells against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and HepaTHRIVE, a high-potency liver protectant that aids in detoxification and supports optimal liver function.

The AugMEND and HepaTHRIVE products join an existing lineup of five dietary supplements, including BrainMEND, an advanced nootropic formulation designed to support cognitive health, brain function, and memory improvement; GutMEND, an advanced probiotic-free digestive health powder that promotes digestion and relieves gut inflammation; SleepMEND, a natural and herbal melatonin-free sleep aid that helps relieve restlessness and promotes sleep; LION’S MANE, which supports immune health and cognitive function; and COLLAGEN Hydrolyzed Type 1 & 3 powder, which supports the health of skin, nails, and hair, and helps reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Health IS Wealth® products are distributed nationwide in Canada by Raw Elements Inc. and are also available on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart.

Discover the Health IS Wealth® brand story and explore a variety of natural dietary supplement health solutions at

About Sunny Rodhey

Sunny Rodhey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and a Master’s degree in Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology from Pace University in New York, NY, USA. He has received an Educational Research Award from the Society of Forensic Toxicologists (Mesa, AZ, USA) for his work analyzing traditional medicinal products for heavy metals using advanced analytical instrumentation.

Rodhey is a practicing Scientist with 16 years of experience and is skilled in advanced laboratory extraction and instrumental techniques.

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