Beton Cover Launches Innovative Concrete Cover Solutions for Urban Landscaping

July 10 16:32 2024
Beton Cover Launches Innovative Concrete Cover Solutions for Urban Landscaping

Benton Cover Company, a pioneer in the construction industry, announces a groundbreaking advancement in cost-effective concrete additives with its innovative microsilica gel products. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and rigorous research, the company has introduced a range of microsilica gel variants that promise to slash construction costs by up to 80%.

Benton Cover prioritizes eco-friendly solutions without compromising on product quality or performance, ensuring that construction projects benefit from both durable materials and responsible manufacturing practices. By promoting sustainability, BentonCover not only meets regulatory requirements but also contributes positively to the construction industry’s efforts towards environmental stewardship and long-term resource conservation. This commitment underscores BentonCover’s mission to deliver innovative construction solutions while preserving the planet for future generations.

The company´s Microsilica gel, is known for its exceptional strength and impermeability properties. This gel is a key ingredient in producing durable and waterproof concrete. This revolutionary product line from BentonCover Company includes fibrous microsilica gel, microsilica powergel, and other specialized variants, all designed to enhance concrete performance and longevity.

“Our commitment to innovation and quality has led us to develop microsilica gel products that not only improve concrete performance but also significantly reduce construction costs,” said Mr. Ali Sadeghi, CEO of BentonCover Company. “With up to 80% savings compared to traditional methods, builders and contractors can achieve higher efficiency without compromising on quality.”

Microsilica gel from BentonCover Company is ideal for various applications including mortar preparation, prefabricated concrete products, flooring, and other critical construction projects. The products are formulated to meet international standards and undergo strict quality control measures at the company’s advanced laboratory.

In addition to cost savings, these products contribute to sustainable construction practices by enhancing the durability of concrete structures, thereby reducing maintenance needs and extending the lifespan of buildings and infrastructure.

For those interested in purchasing microsilica gel or seeking expert advice, BentonCover Company offers comprehensive support and consultation services. Customers can explore the complete range of microsilica gel products through the company’s website or by visiting their offices located at Sadeghieh Square (Aryasher), behind Esteghlal Park.

Concret Cover Company has been a leader in the production of concrete additives, plastic spacers, and PVC waterstops since its establishment in 2006. With a dedicated team of industry experts and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the company continues to innovate and set new benchmarks in the construction industry.

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Benton Cover is committed to sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact throughout its operations. From sourcing raw materials responsibly to implementing efficient production processes, sustainability is integrated into every aspect of the company’s strategy. The manufacturing facilities adhere to rigorous environmental standards, aiming to reduce carbon footprint and waste generation.  

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