Cozyla Launches 32″ Smart Digital Calendar that Rivals Skylight and Hearth Displays

July 10 19:12 2024
Cozyla Launches 32" Smart Digital Calendar that Rivals Skylight and Hearth Displays

Cozyla 32″ Smart Digital Calendar
Integrates favorite apps onto a dedicated home dashboard that eases the mental load people experience at home

RALEIGH, NC – July 10, 2024 – Cozyla today announced it is launching a 32” smart digital calendar to help people trying to balance their data and digital devices. Cozyla’s calendar manages and tracks events for busy people with busy schedules. Its smart digital calendar is superior to competing products from Skylight and Hearth, offering more features and a better overall user experience.

Through research and development, Cozyla designed the calendar to organize schedules, “to-do’s,” and chores that are accessible on a shared home dashboard. The innovative solution integrates seamlessly with mobile phones to keep everyone in a family, a couple or other group updated.

“In today’s crowded digital world, it’s very challenging to manage and track every family member’s events and plans on a paper calendar,” said Yao Li, CEO of Cozyla. “Our innovative solution easily unify everyone’s schedules from their devices into a single home dashboard,making it simple for everyone to stay updated and organized.” He continued, “Access favorite streaming apps via the Play Store and enjoy content with built-in stereo speakers. Connect via screen mirroring, HDMI, and USB ports for seamless entertainment.”

Cozyla has built in key features for the smart digital calendar to make life easier. Task management is streamlined and efficient. Shared grocery lists become seamless, and better organization encourages positive habits. The smart digital calendar can morph into a digital picture frame. When put in screensaver mode any photos can be displayed and then put in slideshow mode when the calendar is inactive.

A notable feature is the ability to personalize the dashboard layout to suit different family structures. You can freely drag and drop elements to customize the home screen, making it uniquely yours.

Another valuable feature is that people can seamlessly multitask and work on multiple tasks simultaneously by using split screen. Whether you’re checking schedules while monitoring a security camera or referencing recipes while watching a cooking show, split screen mode enhances productivity on the Cozyla Smart Calendar.  “Take the guesswork out of ‘what’s for dinner’ with the ability to discover new recipes by integrating the calendar with resources that turn a calendar into a guest chef,” added Li.

Cozyla provides comprehensive setup guides to help users configure the home dashboard for various purposes. It aims to simplify the onboarding process for new users, ensuring they won’t feel overwhelmed when they first open the box.

For more information visit the Cozyla official store

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