New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Discusses Reckless Driving and DUI Charges

November 30 17:58 2023
New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Discusses Reckless Driving and DUI Charges

New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel (, from The Kugel Law Firm, delves deeper into the intricate world of DUI and reckless driving charges. The article titled ‘Can You Plead Reckless Driving Instead of DUI?’ provides insight into the legal landscape of these charges and how they are handled in the state of New Jersey.

The article begins by laying out the scenario where one might find themselves facing both DUI and reckless driving charges. The New Jersey DUI lawyer explains that while reckless driving and DUIs often come hand in hand, they are distinct offenses with different penalties and fines. Not all drunk driving amounts to reckless driving, and conversely, reckless driving can occur even if the driver is sober.

“Usually, reckless driving tends to have less severe penalties and fines compared to a drunk driving offense,” says New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel. “However, both come with significant consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges that can stay on an individual’s record for years.”

Kugel’s article further elaborates on the differences between DUI and reckless driving. In New Jersey, a DUI charge requires proof of intoxication, usually via a breathalyzer test, field sobriety test, or blood test. On the other hand, reckless driving involves endangering people or property with willful disregard for safety. While both charges carry significant legal consequences, a reckless driving charge does not automatically result in the loss of driving privileges, unlike a DUI.

The question of whether one can plead reckless driving instead of DUI is also addressed in the article. “In New Jersey, there are statutes that limit the types of offers that prosecutors are allowed to make in order to attempt to resolve a case,” Kugel explains. “This means that a plea to an alternative traffic offense does not come easy.”

The article reveals that plea agreements can be reached based on the state’s inability to prove the DUI case beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, it becomes crucial to have a DWI lawyer on the individual’s side who can point out weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and argue for an alternative resolution.

Kugel urges individuals facing DUI or reckless driving charges to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The outcome of the case depends on the unique circumstances and the state’s evidence. 

To learn more about the complexities of reckless driving and DUI charges in New Jersey, readers are encouraged to read the complete article on The Kugel Law Firm’s website.

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