James E Dixon Presents The “Taking Authority” Tour To Provoke Change, Making The Change, Being The Change

June 03 00:30 2023
James E. Dixon and Bishop Kevin L. Adams welcome everybody to attend the “Taking Authority Event” on June 9th and 10th at the Olivet Baptist Church, a place of worship reaching all as a Nation at 740 E ML King Blvd, Chattanooga, TN.

Chattanooga, TN – Bishop Adams was listening to a message where James E. Dixon gave churches an opportunity and a challenge to call and request that he come to their church. Within seconds Olivet Baptist Church, with a congregation of 7000 people, responded, accepting the invitation immediately.

James E. Dixon, Keynote Speaker, Author, Superhero, and Amputee Advocate, with A YouTube Channel, Living His Dream and Bringing Joy to People Around the World.

James is an unforgettable speaker who fills people’s hearts with ABSOLUTE MOTIVATION. 1.4 million subscribers know his voice as the Keynote Speaker for the YouTube channel Absolute Motivation. Inspiring audiences around the world! James Dixon is the ideal keynote speaker for any upcoming event. He has graced the stages from corporations to mega-churches across the nation on the topics of perseverance, purpose, adaptability, and turning tragedy into triumph!


James E. Dixon, A REAL-LIFE SUPERHERO – “Superman Is 4 Real”

To Dixon, a superhero sees a need, finds a solution, and saves the day. This kind of role model is “a transparent person willing to be vulnerable and use their strengths to help others.” The idea isn’t to be perfect, he said. “Nothing will take away the fact that I live with a disability. But I do live without limits,” Dixon said. “‘I’m able to do everything because I’m so dedicated. The gym is crucial for me by being an exemplary role model.” He shares his story to show others that losing a limb doesn’t mean their lives are over. The book, comic, and documentary helped him spread that message. “All those years, I was quiet. Forty-five years pretending I wasn’t disabled. And then when I started to share my story, all these people looked at it,” Dixon said. “If I hadn’t spoken up, where would they hear it from?” https://www.instagram.com/supermanis4real/

The Taking Authority Event brings some of the greatest Inspirational leaders to the stage, including two of his other superheroes.

Dr. Greg Reid, a great friend and business partner, the CEO and Founder of the Secret Knock Network, it’s recognized as the #1 networking event in the world. Where people meet billionaires, millionaires, sports celebrities, investors, and more. Greg Reid brings together the best and brightest minds on the planet to create a fantastic experience. Secret Knock attendees comprise some of the most influential minds in this world, from the former President of Mexico to the inventor of the credit card. If that is not enough, go to Prosperity Camp, a gathering like no other! World-Class Experts will share proven time-tested principles of what it takes to expand their lives and business and HOW they accomplish them. It is a world filled with Gurus sharing the answers on HOW To Accomplish Those Suggestions… That all changed at Prosperity Camp!

Another special guest is Kelly Cardenas; James considers Kelly Cardenas his friend and brother! Kelly has made millions and only counts the souls he can encourage. He will be coming to Chattanooga with him. In fact, Kelly said YES before James told him where they were going. His service to his family is a superpower and the very trait which allowed him to become the co-host of Secret Knock, the #1 networking event in the world. After serving in Chattanooga on June 9th and 10th at the amazing Olivet Baptist Church, the team will go to other cities …. Don’t miss the VIBE.

Of course, joining in on the fun, people will hear from James E. Dixon and Bishop Kevin L. Adams, plus other special guests.

Here is what James E. Dixon is saying about this event, “I can promise you that this event will exceed all expectations. Every person will be an expert, best-selling author, and Ted X speaker and come to serve. I am honored Bishop L Adams opened his heart and church to this historic event. I am honored to bring people who will positively benefit the community. Please call and invite everyone you know who has a burning desire to become a successful business owner. This will be a perfect opportunity to invite children to meet two teens who are already business owners and best-selling authors. Don’t miss this great opportunity”.

To learn more about James E. Dixon and his incredible journey, go to https://businessinnovatorsmagazine.com/james-e-dixon-a-real-life-superman-encourages-amputees-to-keep-moving-forward-in-his-book-and-movie-deal.

Please feel free to reach out to him through his email, [email protected].

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