Durapak Supplies Offers Top-quality Zip Bags, Shrink Wraps, and Hand Held Sealers

April 28 22:30 2023

Durapak Supplies is a company that specializes in offering quality-approved packaging and shipping products that are suitable for both retail and industrial use. All their premium quality packaging and shipping supplies have been professionally designed to make both commercial and industrial business operations simpler. The company always keeps updating its inventory and adding new products to its existing line to ensure buyers never run out of options. They operate a warehouse in Los Angeles, California, from where they fulfill all orders and make a timely distribution.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “No. Shrink wraps are different from stretch wraps. Stretch wraps are elastic films that stretch around the products. These are usually used for wrapping pallets for shipment purposes. Shrink wraps are used loosely and heated to create a tight seal. Let’s say one is putting a few home items on sale, such as a bundle of plastic bottles – one will bundle them up and wrap them with a shrink film.”

In need of a clear shrink wrap online? Durapak Supplies is the one-stop destination for top-quality shrink wraps. They offer polyolefin shrink films which are available in a wide range of gauge thicknesses, including 50, 60, 75, and 100 gauge thicknesses. The shrink films feature super clarity, gloss, and sheen and wrinkle-free. They are five layers of co-extruded POF film, and thus, they are also strong and durable for excellent protection. And with a shrink temperature that lies between 300F to 350F, clients are assured of over 65 percent shrinkage rate in all directions. Typically, the shrink films are centrally folded, meaning they are double-width when unfolded. And when it comes to customization, the company does custom sizes and printing on the shrink films, either central fold or single wound. As a result, the shrink films can be used with virtually any shrink machine.

The company spokesperson added, “Some of the benefits of shrink wraps include: they create a tight seal so no contaminants will enter the package, and they are great for securing bigger items too as their goal is to offer maximum protection to items. Besides that, shrink wraps are also recyclable. Clients can also use shrink wraps for showcasing bundles of products in a shop. For more insights, clients can contact us.”

Besides POF shrink films, Durapak Supplies also offers top-quality, clear zip reclosable bags. Made up of premium polyethylene, they are cost-effective plastic bags with high-quality standards. The bags are food safe and have high clarity and gloss level, giving them the ability to maintain their good appearance and quality. Thus, they are commonly used for storing and transporting food and packing industrial and retail items. Typically, they are available in 2-mil and 4-mil thickness sizes. However, the company also offers custom sizes and printing options. Clients can get a 10 percent discount for a purchase made on this product amounting to $300, a 12 percent for a purchase amounting to $500, and a 15 percent discount for purchases amounting to more than $1000. So, purchase clear zip bags today from the company.

About Durapak Supplies

Durapak Supplies is home to top-quality, durable sealers for almost any sealable plastic films and bags, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polyolefin, and more. So, get hand held sealer today from the company.

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