ArmadaBoost offers the rarest WoW mounts in their shop

April 27 14:21 2023

ArmadaBoost, one of the most reputable WoW boosting stores, presents a great collection of mount boosts as a section of their WoW services catalog. The array of products is impressive: you can find all kinds of mounts there coming from different game eras and expansions. It’s possible to find the latest additions to the game that most players try to get as soon as they become available. It’s also possible to purchase boosts that will help you add the rarest mounts of the game to your collection.

Mounts with low-chance drop

Some mounts that have a notoriously low drop-chance can be bought in ArmadaBoost’s shop. The idea of such a service is simple: professional players take care of obtaining the mount for your account. They create a particular configuration of high-level characters on the realms that they deem suitable and make as many attempts as possible during each week. The methods used by the team speed up the whole acquisition process significantly. The chances of getting the mounts rise drastically regardless of which mount you’re after. The most popular mounts of this type are:

  • The Invincible
  • Ashes of Al’ar
  • Rivendare’s Deathcharger
  • Fiery Warhorse
  • Solar Spirehawk

And many more.

Mounts that are exclusive to the black market

The black market auction house is a unique way to obtain the rarest items in the game. Players from the whole realm compete for lots and pay immense amounts of gold for them with cases, when 10 million is being paid, not being rare. Obtaining such mounts is a science of its own. It’s necessary to find the lot with the mount when it’s active, transfer a premade character to the realm with the lot, and compete with other players willing to buy the lot. What makes it really hard is that black market’s lots are unique to particular realms. That is, if a lot appears on some realm, it appears just there and you have to take your character to that realm to only have this chance of winning the lot. You don’t guarantee getting it by just transferring to the realm – it’s impossible to buy out the lot. You have to make bids and wait till the end of the auction which is usually in the dead of night. ArmadaBoost’s professionals know how it all works and have their own tested schemes for how to win such lots. You can find lots of reviews of players who have obtained the rarest mounts in the game with the help of such boosts – they are usually really impressed with the results. The most popular mounts of this kind are:

  • Swift Zulian Tiger
  • Plagued Proto Drake
  • Mighty Caravan Brutosaur
  • Swift Razzashi Raptor

And so on.

Bundles of mounts

Finally, for those that prefer shopping big, ArmadaBoost offers bundles of mounts. You can have the bundle that includes Black Market’s top mounts: Zulian Tiger, Plagued Proto-Drake, and Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. It is not cheap but as a result you will get the 3 absolutely rarest mounts that you can only have in the game. Getting them all is hard to do but ArmadaBoost’s pros are ready to impress you once again with how fast they can deal with such a daunting task.

Another bundle that you might be interested in offers you a boost of your mount collection up to 300 items. That is, you can have 100, 200, or 300 mounts with just one boost. Pro players will get you mounts en masse from various sources until you will have as many new mounts as you’ve ordered. 

If you want to see all these offers and many more similar ones, visit the Mounts page of ArmadaBoost’s catalog inside their WoW Dragonflight section. Follow the link below to get there right away:

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