California Industrial Rubber Offers The Best in Water Jet Cutting Services

April 26 17:09 2023
California Industrial Rubber Offers The Best in Water Jet Cutting Services

Every manufacturing process is designed to maximize efficiency, including precision cutting. In most cases, laser cutting has become the go-to in this area. However, some materials can’t be exposed to heat. For those, waterjet cutting offers a perfect alternative.

What Is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting is a precision manufacturing method that uses a highly pressurized stream of water to cut materials that can’t stand up to the heat of laser cutting. The waterjet cutter consists of a high-pressure water pump, which forces the water into high-pressure tubing that leads to a cutting head. The cutting head consists of a nozzle that turns the water into a fine stream, which can then be used to cut materials safely without the application of heat.

In some cases, an abrasive such as aluminum oxide, garnet, or suspended grit is added to the water stream. Abrasive waterjet cutting allows manufacturers to use this method to cut thicker and harder materials by adjusting the grit of the abrasives accordingly. However, pure waterjet cutting is also an efficient method for working with some types of softer materials that could not withstand exposure to abrasives. Those interested can request quotes for waterjet cutting projects at, as California Industrial Rubber now offers this service.

Appropriate Materials

The waterjet cutting processes employed by California Industrial Rubber Co. are used in a wide variety of industries. The company can use waterjet cutting to form cuts in materials that are up to eight inches thick without creating heat-affected zones. Appropriate materials for waterjet cutting include:

  • Rubber

  • Plastics

  • Composite glass

  • Metal

  • Stone

  • And others

From gaskets to custom parts for mining and rock industry equipment, waterjet cutting offers an efficient way to get precision cuts. This cutting technique is perfect for applications that require smooth edges that don’t require deburring. 

Why Waterjet Cutting Is the Future of Fabrication

Waterjet cutting is a highly sustainable manufacturing process, which makes it compatible with today’s increasing focus on going green. Unlike some cutting processes, waterjet cutting creates no slag or dross waste, toxic fumes, or greenhouse gasses. The main cutting medium is recyclable, the finished parts require no post-processing, and there is no cooling oil or lubricant required to run the cutter. These same benefits also help to keep the costs associated with this fabrication process low.

How to Get a Quote

Businesses that need precision parts, gaskets, fan blades, wear plates, or cut closed-seal sponge, cab foam, and cab glass need to find a manufacturing partner they can trust. The first step is to visit and tell CIR about the project. This will give a company representative the information required to offer an accurate quote.

Trust California Industrial Rubber

California Industrial Rubber has long been known as a leader in industrial rubber and plastic product distribution. Now, the company also maintains a central manufacturing facility equipped with all of the essential tools required to fabricate custom parts, as well. Reach out to a CIR representative online or by phone to learn more about waterjet cutting and other fabrication services.


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