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April 04 03:34 2023

On March 11, 2023, the First Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (CATTD) in China & the Exchange Conference on New Technology and Progress in the Treatment of Diabetes (hereinafter referred to as the conference) was successfully held in Shanghai. At the conference, the following domestic famous experts made the frontier reports: Jia Weiping, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Professor Ji Linong, Director of Department of Endocrinology, Peking University People’s Hospital; Professor Wang Guangyu, Researcher of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Professor Zhang Yingmei, Deputy Director of Department of Cardiology, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. In addition, Peng Can, Chief Scientific Officer of SIBIONICS, attended this conference to share the latest research and clinical practice results, contributing the company’s fair share to jointly push forward the development of the field of diabetes.

Jointly developing advanced management technology for diabetes and paying much attention to artificial pancreas

In order to better meet the localization needs of diabetes treatment technology, there were three sections in this conference: report, satellite meeting and forum. The following topics were covered: the new exploration of clinical study on digital therapeutics, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven research and new paradigms of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, new progress in diabetes treatment, in-hospital blood glucose management, remote diabetes management, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, closed-loop algorithm, artificial pancreas, clinical auxiliary diagnosis and decision for diabetes, etc.

At the beginning of the conference, guests from Health News Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai Medical Association and Department of Medical Administration of the National Health Commission delivered speeches to celebrate the successful hosting of the conference and gave their best wishes, in the hope that valuable clinical experience and cutting-edge scientific research results in the field of diabetes can be shared through this conference to bring more benefits to diabetes patients.

At the conference, Dr. Peng shared the scientific research with the theme of “The Future has come: Intelligent closed-loop algorithm has ushered T1DM blood glucose management in a new era of artificial pancreas” at the satellite meeting, and expressed his outlook on the boon brought by the practical application of “fully closed-loop artificial pancreas” to diabetes patients. At present, “semi-closed-loop artificial pancreas” has been put into the global market, and “fully closed-loop artificial pancreas” will be the ideal development goal of diabetes management in the future. Artificial pancreas will further meet the clinical needs of diabetes patients.

Artificial pancreas, as the name suggests, is a device that monitors a person’s blood glucose and regulates insulin levels that meet the needs of the human body through AI technology in order to keep the blood glucose in a stable range. Fully closed-loop artificial pancreas works automatically without patient involvement, providing regulatory functions resembling healthy human pancreas. At present, the global artificial pancreas market is still unfledged, and there is no closed-loop algorithm for artificial pancreas that has been approved in China.

At the special forum on “Current Situation and Future of Clinical Application of Artificial Pancreas”, SIBIONICS also discussed the application and future trend of artificial pancreas together with relevant experts and professors from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University and had dialogues with them to put forward more constructive cooperation directions for the integration of hospitals and enterprises. They reached consensus on and looked forward to the development of artificial pancreas in China.

In terms of the difficulties in the current artificial pancreas algorithms, the algorithm of SIBIONICS features higher safety, ease of use and efficiency. At present, SIBIONICS is also making all-out efforts to solve the difficulties and key points in the research of artificial pancreas in the hope of providing patients with higher-quality technology and services as soon as possible.

According to the data from China Insights Consultancy (CIC), the global market sales of artificial pancreas was $1.054 billion in 2020 and was expected to stand at $6.735 billion by 2030. In the future, with the continuous development of economy and technology and the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, artificial pancreas holds the promise to become the mainstream solution in the field of diabetes management.

Bolstering the innovation and development of digital therapeutics for diabetes and quickening the practical application of automated closed-loop artificial pancreas

As a promising unicorn company in the field of innovative medical devices in China, SIBIONICS has committed to the R&D and industrialization of innovative medical devices in the field of chronic disease management for a long time and made sustained efforts to promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements, with pioneering advantages in multiple segmentation fields. In July last year, “Shandong SIBIONICS SITURING Technology Co., Ltd.” (SIBIONICS SITURING) was officially inaugurated, marking a new stride made by SIBIONICS in the completion of the important layout of “digital management for diabetes”.

It is learned that SIBIONICS SITURING focuses on the fields of chronic disease management such as digital therapeutics for insulin and makes full use of the frontier advantages and technological accumulation of SIBIONICS in medical AI to commit itself to developing closed-loop algorithms with independent intellectual property rights, with the aim to realize the independent guarantee of China, fill the gap in relevant fields in China and quicken the practical application of “fully closed-loop artificial pancreas” to benefit public health.

The first approved CGM product “SIBIONICS” free from finger blood calibration in China that was developed by SIBIONICS has such features as being free from finger pricking and scanning and 14-day continuous use, providing a solution to improve the blood glucose management level for diabetes patients around the globe. According to the data, SIBIONICS has been applied in more than 800 hospitals within one year since its official marketing in 2022, and its service users are distributed in 350 cities across the country, enabling nearly one million people to monitor their blood glucose levels more efficiently and conveniently.

In the future, with the continuous upgrading and iteration of innovative technologies, normative and standard digital management mode for blood glucose is gaining momentum, thus bolstering the innovation and development of digital therapeutics for diabetes in China and making more contributions to public health.


Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Sibionics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to R&D and industrialization of innovative medical devices in the field of chronic disease management, and has more than 500 employees. Since its establishment, the company has been practicing the mission of “Innovate medical technology, serve public health”. The core team is led by science and engineering scientists from Tsinghua University, Peking University, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of Washington and other prestigious universities. The main projects include continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), AI fundus screening, artificial retina, capsule gastroscopy robot, etc., leading the development of fundamental disciplines and industry technology. It has undertaken and participated in 3 key R&D projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and has become a quasi-unicorn enterprise in the field of innovative medical devices in China.

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