In Plain English Launches Circuit: The Number One Platform for Developer Marketing

March 30 08:12 2023

Sunil Sandhu and the team behind In Plain English, a leading educational resource for software developers, are excited to announce the launch of Circuit, a new developer marketing consultancy, designed to become the number one platform for developer marketing.

Circuit is a content strategy agency that provides developer-focused tech companies and software startups with the resources needed to build, market, and sell their products successfully.

The Circuit platform is built on the foundation of In Plain English’s expertise in developer content. The team at In Plain English has years of experience in elevating and promoting developer content, and the Circuit platform is an extension of that knowledge.

Circuit offers a variety of resources, including content strategy, content creation, content distribution, and community building, all designed to help developer-first companies succeed. In addition to the services they provide, The Circuit Blog has new content added regularly to keep people up to date with the latest trends and best practices in developer marketing.

“Our team at In Plain English is excited to launch Circuit, the number one resource for developer marketing,” said Sunil Sandhu, CEO of In Plain English and Circuit. “We believe that Circuit will be a valuable tool for developer-focused startups looking to succeed in today’s competitive market.”

Circuit offers a variety of services for tech startups, including:

–  Content Strategy: A well-defined, long-term content strategy is critical for creating evergreen content and staying ahead of trends.
–  Content Creation: High-quality content can generate thousands of views and build awareness and adoption for a product.
–  Content Distribution: Distribution of content in the right channels can boost traffic by 25-35% and improve search engine ranking.
–  Content Improvement: Existing content can be an opportunity to grow traffic by optimizing content and improving search engine ranking.
–  Guerrilla Marketing: Conversing with individual developers and smaller communities can play a significant role in increasing conversions.

They are also currently offering free discovery calls for companies looking to get advice.

The launch of Circuit is an important milestone for In Plain English, a tech media company founded by Sunil Sandhu in 2018. In Plain English offers educational content for programmers, and it has over 25,000 programming articles, giving it a unique insight into what type of content resonates with a developer audience.

“With the launch of Circuit, we are excited to expand our support for developer-first software startups,” said Sandhu. “We believe that Circuit will be a valuable resource for companies at various levels in their developer marketing and content marketing lifecycle. We look forward to seeing the impact it will have on the wider developer community.”

About In Plain English

In Plain English is a tech-focused media company founded in 2018.

It is home to some of the world’s most recognisable tech publications, such as JavaScript In Plain English and Python In Plain English. They have over 15,000 writers and 25,000 articles. The In Plain English platform receives 3,500,000 monthly views from over 200 countries.

The company’s website is

About Circuit

Circuit is a strategic growth company founded in 2022.

They provide developer-focused tech companies and software startups with the resources needed to successfully build, market, and sell their developer products, services, and tools.

The company’s website is

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