Honduran businesswoman incorporating psychology and solar energy to create new normal

March 22 17:09 2023
By: Maydi Guerrero

Orlando, FL – Honduras and the rest of Central America in recent years have dedicated themselves to the regeneration of various commercial and environmental sectors, which is why young professionals and entrepreneurs currently lead entrepreneurial efforts to merge renewed energy and global trade.

The entrepreneur and business psychologist Xenia Croasdaile is known in Honduras as a leader in combining renewable energy with business psychology across various industries such as retail, gas and tourism to create an ultimate model for a modern approach to business. 

Graduated from the Catholic University of Honduras with a master’s degree from South University West Palm Beach, Croasdaile has incorporated solar energy in her company’s numerous highway rest stops, short term rental properties and Agroforestry Company.

Solar energy coupled with creating a safe space for enhanced work conditions based om empirical business psychology strategies has led Croasdaile to create a new corporate culture that has proven to be a successful business model. Croasdaile’s brand is centered on using solar energy and it is being noticed across Central America.

El Salvador president recently cited Servicentro El Porvenir, Croasdaile’s company, as an example of a company that is leveraging renewable energy to modernizing corporate culture. Croasdaile has become a pioneer in the implementation of solar panels as main source of energy for everything from manufacturing to delivery.

Croasdaile’s interest is based on the importance of using solar energy as a sustainable alternative method that reduces negative environmental impact.

According to a study by Tesla, Honduras is located in an area of ​​the planet that can benefit more easily than others, since this area is one of those that collects the most solar radiation.

In 2022 Forbes Central America published a study finding that solar energy should be developed in this territory since the country has 514 MW in installed capacity, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Croasdaile CEO of Servicentro El Porvenir S. De R.L, CEO of Dulce Hogar and COO of Maderas Finas is often called the Elon Musk of Central America. She has a reputation for being an exemplary woman in the management of businesses and companies, applying her extensive knowledge in psychology with the objective of providing its more than 300 employees with a favorable quality of life and excellent conditions to achieve better performance and efficiency.

“We go to great extents to achieve 100 percent workforce retention as well as modernizing our energy consumption in industries where the competition uses cheap labor and cheap quality products, but our mission is not just to make a profit but also change the way our region does business,” said Croasdaile passionately.

The new normal in business culture created by Croasdaile is being widely adopted at rapid speed. She has been featured in the country’s top talk shows to speak about her corporate phycology best practices and has consulted with fortune 500 companies.  

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