Single Mother of Four Helps Others Achieve Their Dream of Buying a Home Abroad

March 21 13:12 2023
Learn how to buy a home in Europe without breaking the bank from Ashley Blanc, the founder of A Blanc International Properties Firm. Sign up for her masterclass today!

Baltimore, Maryland – Ashley Blanc, founder of A Blanc International Properties Firm, has launched a masterclass that breaks down the process of buying a home in Europe without breaking the bank. Blanc, a single mother of four, was able to purchase homes in Italy and France without financing, and is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Blanc’s unique approach to owning property abroad sets her apart from others in the industry. While there are stories of individuals purchasing €1 homes or low-cost properties in Europe in publications such as CNN and Forbes, Blanc is the only person teaching others how to do it themselves. Her masterclass covers all aspects of the process, from finding affordable properties to navigating the legal system, making her a valuable resource for those interested in purchasing a home abroad.

Blanc’s personal experience and research have allowed her to create a new lane in the real estate industry, one that focuses on helping others achieve their dreams of owning property in Europe. Her masterclass not only provides education but also offers personal liaison services and contract negotiations for those who need extra assistance.

“I turned my passion and love for owning property in another country, traveling, different culture and creating generational wealth into a career and created a lane that no one else is in or teaching about,” says Blanc. “I want to show people that it is possible to purchase a home abroad without breaking the bank.”

Blanc’s story highlights her unique approach to real estate. Her masterclass is now available for sign-up, offering a comprehensive guide to buying a home in Europe. With Blanc’s guidance, owning a home in Europe can become a reality for anyone.

For more information about A Blanc International and the masterclass, visit their website.

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