LGBTQ+ Professionals Find Success Through Flexible Program “Gaynz in 90 Days”

March 20 20:21 2023
Gaynz in 90 Days has helped thousands of LGBTQ+ professionals prioritize physical health without sacrificing their social life or career goals. This lifestyle-design program provides custom tailored plans, flexible approaches and support that make it easier than ever to see actual results.

Finding the right program to meet fitness and wellness goals is crucial. If the program doesn’t fit the person and their busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to stick with, causing them to feel defeated and the loss of motivation until they eventually give up.

Andy Lauer founded Gaynz in 90 Days to create an inclusive space for busy LGBTQ+ business professionals with a 12-week one-on-one online fitness coaching program that won’t leave his clients feeling burnt out and left out. 

Why Andy Lauer founded Gaynz in 90 Days and what his clients can expect

Andy Lauer created the Gaynz in 90 days program to help people in the same place he was not that long ago – after trying countless diets and workout routines that never seemed to work.

He understands that the journey towards improved health, wellness, and confidence can be daunting. That’s why he created Gaynz90 – a unique virtual program specifically designed for busy LGBTQ+ business pros who often lose 2 pants sizes in just three months, without suffering through crazy diets or spending hours every day at the gym.

Gaynz90’s custom coaching program gives their clients access to one-on-one support and accountability, simple and quick custom workouts, a realistic and flexible nutrition strategy, mental health support and more – allowing their clients to align their bodies with their ambitions – whether that’s securing a promotion, impressing clients or simply feeling more confident.

Through Andy’s connection-based approach, his team supports their clients on all levels of their wellness journey. Whether it’s increasing energy and strength, lowering stress, improving mental health, reducing body fat, or recovering from stagnant dieting patterns, Andy’s team of coaches help their clients by building sustainable and realistic daily habits so that being healthy doesn’t have to be stressful.


Andy Lauer and the Gaynz90 team understands the unique needs of busy LGBTQ+ professionals and strives to provide an effective program tailored to each individual. With a flexible lifestyle approach, their clients finally reach their desired goals while balancing family, career, and social commitments. Andy Lauer can be found on Instagram @andylauerfit.

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