Hala London TV is available in both countries, Qatar and Bahrain

March 20 12:30 2023
Hala London TV is available in both countries, Qatar and Bahrain
Hala London TV is available in both countries, Qatar and Bahrain
Hala London TV is now known more than anytime before. Though even at the very first stage in which the station was launched, Hala London TV has always aimed to give its best in the domain. Now, Hala London is competing to be one of the top TV stations all over the world, mainly after spreading its branches globally and definitely in the Arab World. Many Arab countries have welcomed Hala London TV into their countries, including the UAE.

Hala London TV—this name is not weird anymore for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of visual radio or TV stations. Hala London TV is that “home” that is considered a refuge for every single individual in the family. Why!  Simply because Hala London TV serves everyone in the family, from the youngest baby reaching the father. 

With Hala London’s team of producers and presenters, you can no longer feel even a little bored. To follow up with Hala London TV, you need to know that its frequency on Eutelsat 7WA is 12322 V, its FEC IS ¾ and its SR is 30000.

Even if you don’t like to watch TV, all you can do is download the application from your i/phone, where you can explore Hala London’s world. 

Hala London presents to its audience different programs including entertainment, films, economics, documentaries, music, and children’s shows in their original versions as created by the director and producers.Here are some of Hala London’s shows and programs:

Series: Maraya, Illusion, the three stooges, Death is Coming to the East, The Beverly Hillbillies, Critical Moments, El Secretario….

Programs: Kan Ya Makan, The Lina Kay, Economy, Oriental Cuisine, Ghost Dimension Flying Solo, Well-Being, Talk Shows, Reality, Food, Paranormal, Beauty Hala, Animal Cruelty, Fortune by Maguy Farah, The Arabic Village, Hala History, Yoga Palooza, Knowledge Park, Ebn Battuta, Marco Polo, Popeye, Classic Cartoon, Jack Frost…

Films: Beo Wulf & Grendel, Villains, Lara & The Beat, Bullet Train, Ali Baba, and The Seven Saracens…

In addition to live TV and radio. See how cool it is! a single TV station presenting that huge number of programs and shows that fit all ages in the same home. That’s why we can say that Hala London TV is “unique,” mainly after spreading its branches widely around the world, including the UAE.

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