Industry leader International Medical Aid accelerates efforts to provide mental health internships abroad

October 06 08:45 2022
In its bid to ramp up its game-changing mental health campaign globally, International Medical Aid has launched renewed efforts to offers mental health internships abroad for students who want to gain a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shadow and become mentored by mental health experts.

International Medical Aid (IMA), a global leader in providing top-notch and game-changing pre-med internships, has tuned up efforts to provide mental health internships abroad for students looking to enter this niche of study.

“In various parts of the developing world, there is a fundamental lack of access to mental health and hygiene services, while cultural stigma prevents many people from even attempting to seek care. That’s where International Medical Aid comes into the picture. Our volunteers generally work in outpatient counseling centers attached to large public hospitals,” a representative said in a statement.

This time, through IMA’s mental health internships abroad, students studying to become psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers are given game-changing experience and opportunity to shadow and become mentored by mental health professionals. 

This job shadowing program can be extremely challenging as cultural stigma prevents many mentally ill individuals from seeking treatment. IMA expressed assurance that it is working hard to bridge the cultural gap and show the importance of getting to the cause of mental illnesses.

International Medical Aid takes pride of its team of highly-qualified medical school admissions consultants that include physician advisors, former admissions committee members, published authors, as well as professional consultants with more than two decades of experience in medical school admissions. 

In addition, its skilled experts holistically reviews each student’s medical school application and provide advice and guidance that is detailed, actionable, and relevant.

International Medical Aid, an industry leader that has become synonymous to providing top-level pre-med internships, is a significant innovator in the field of mental health placements and psychology internships abroad. 

International Medical Aid has earned global recognition for becoming one of the first organizations in the world to offer such programs. 

IMA is a broad-based not-for-profit firm that has led the charge in improving access to medical and public health resources in the world’s most impoverished areas via fully staffed and strategically deployed mental health campaign

The organization, which values integrity, mutual respect, and commitment to the communities it serves, has been a pioneer of a new standard for the medical not-for-profits and pre-med volunteering across the globe. 

Roger Voter and Homayon Ghassemi built International Medical Aid during their final year at the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. As part of their senior thesis, Ghassemi and Voter started looking at the root causes of healthcare inequality in the developing world. The two experts launched efforts to identify the populations most at risk.

Students who want to apply for mental health internships abroad or pre-med internships may begin reaching out to IMA team to get started. Others who wish to learn more about International Medical Aid may visit or follow its social channels for more information.

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