Truck Accident Lawyer Firm Focuses On Representing Victims of Truck Accidents

October 03 14:06 2022
Cellino Law offers expertise in Manhattan truck accidents which will help clients get everything that is deserved. The attorneys will identify the needed specifics of the case to file a claim against the driver, the trucking company, and other defendants.

Cellino Law is pleased to announce that the truck accident lawyer has years of experience in the practice area. The legal team at Cellino Law can help clients determine if they might be able to file a claim against the truck driver, the company that operates it, or defendants that might share liability. A claim is possible when it was the negligence of the driver that caused the accident and injuries. A claim against the driver depends on proving that there is negligence on the part of the driver, that rules were broken, or was acting in a way that a driver who was responsible wouldn’t.

The truck accident law firm understands the complexity of a truck accident. Some factors that make truck accidents more complex include the size and weight of trucks. An empty truck and trailer weigh approximately 10,000 pounds, and a loaded truck can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. Ownership of trucks is frequently done by large corporate entities with professional resources to fight a lawsuit. 

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Trucking companies can bear responsibility for a truck accident because drivers are considered acting on behalf of the company. More blame may be assigned if the company has not implemented or enforced reasonable safety policies. For example, a company that did not thoroughly check the driver’s safety record could be considered a contributor to the accident.

Because documentation of an accident involving one of these trucks can be removed quickly, it is important for the legal team at Cellino Law to act quickly to preserve any records, written or otherwise, which show what happened in the accident. Some factors that cause accidents include speeding, driver negligence, distracted driving, fatigued driving, and driving under the influence.

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Cellino Law offers dedicated legal accident professionals to help victims recover damages for various types of injuries. The New York-based legal team has extensive experience and knowledge in assisting clients. 

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