Paula Ashcraft Takes Her Readers Across the Sea

September 29 07:54 2022
Paula Ashcraft Takes Her Readers Across the Sea

Have you ever seen the Godfather? The masterpiece which changed history in Hollywood? This finely crafted piece of work is still admired by those who have a knack for a good versus evil adventure. If these are the things that interest you then you will certainly love Paula Ashcraft’s new book, Life Raft Crossing.

How many of us are seeking our own safety amidst life’s storms? Life Raft Crossing makes us ask that question and more: “What would I have done?” The name would suggest that Life Raft Crossing is based around a boat. However, it certainly does not start there. Life Raft Crossing’s prologue introduces us to Victor Ramos, a deep undercover agent working in Chicago. Ramos, rich, happy, and well cared for was now at a fork in his road. He could hurry and save his Boss from an FBI takedown; or he could do his job and help the FBI take down his Boss which could destroy his cover. His third choice was chosen for him. He would remain undercover and be transferred to another place. Leaving a partially opened tear in his heart, Victor Ramos walks away from Chicago.

In the first chapter, you will meet Julio. Julio is a bright kid. His mom has hopes of a college education for him, but the streets where he grew up, had other plans. He had been targeted and recruited by his neighborhood mob family. Most times, he was happy. He had his job, his money, and his car, but for how long? Julio had recently found a friend, Sierra, – a waitress at his local bar. Sierra was an FBI plant. Her job was to get Julio to turn on his boss. She arranged his arrest on a federal charge, to bring him in. To get rid of them Julio must cross seas he’s never imagined crossing. His loyalty to his mafia boss is questioned and it leaves him with either choosing death or jail or both.

Julio gives into the FBI and gets caught up in an agent’s death, missing money, and a missing yacht. Julio has disappeared. Can Sierra find him before his mafia boss does? They may all need a life raft before this is over. Welcome to Life Raft – Crossing. Come see where your journey takes you.

About The Author

Paula Ashcraft has lived a life of adventure herself. From marrying a Navy Sailor, to life on the water as a boat owner. The peace and beauty of the water has always been her Life Raft – her safety place. Adventures on the water are as many as those that live them. Paula has taken life experiences, stories told, and her imagination to bring us the book, Life Raft – Crossing. This book was written in tribute to those struggling to find their path in a chaotic world. Her goal was to make her characters real. To take her readers to their own fork in the road.  

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