Car Accident Lawyer at Cellino Law Have Years of Trial Experience and a Reputation for Obtaining Fair Compensation

August 30 15:06 2022
Cellino Law is a New York personal injury law firm representing clients injured in car accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, burn injuries, etc. It hires vocational experts, where required, to build a strong case for full compensation. It is available 24/7 for clients and offers a free case review.

According to announcements released by Cellino Law, the car accident lawyer at this law firm helps clients obtain fair compensation for economic and non-economic losses sustained because of injuries in a car accident due to the negligence and misconduct of another party. 

Car accidents in New York happen for different reasons. These include talking or texting while driving, the insufficient distance between vehicles, distracted driving, illegal lane changing, unlawful U-turns, poor weather, and defects in the car. Each of these requires a different approach to building a strong case for the plaintiff; the skilled personal injury lawyers exercise the necessary due diligence and exert their whole experience on each case to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurers outside the court or via litigation. 

Accident lawyers from Cellino Law offer injury victims a risk-free initial consultation. It is in the interests of a car accident injury victim to get in touch with a Manhattan car accident lawyer quickly because the statute of limitations enforces a time limit in which a claim must be filed. Cellino Law knows how to expedite the claim filing and follow-up process to release the injured client from as much of the burden of legal matters as possible. 

The aftermath of a car accident can have serious consequences for the injured driver and passengers. Cellino Law advises clients on how to conduct themselves and the things to do after a car accident. Determining responsibility in car accidents is tricky because of the different reasons for which these accidents can occur. The defendant’s attorney and insurance company try hard to present the client as not responsible or responsible to a lesser extent. They know how to shift the blame onto the injured party. A victim will benefit tremendously from the services of an experienced lawyer who knows how to establish liability and then file a claim for the appropriate amount. 

Cellino Law said, “If you were in a car crash, then it is essential to speak to a Manhattan car accident lawyer who can help you obtain fair compensation for your damages. You may wonder whether the insurance company will cover your car repairs, medical bills, and recovering compensation due to lost wages. Our attorneys at Cellino Law can help you get started with the process with our initial free consultation. So, no matter how severe your car accident was, we can answer any concerns or questions you may have, and an experienced accident lawyer can give you advice.

We have Manhattan personal injury lawyers who are prepared to defend your right as an accident victim. We will work hard to ensure that you receive maximum compensation as one of our clients. We will make sure we are there for you at this difficult time when you need us. Our success, knowledge, and proficiency are why we have earned the reputation of being one of New York’s most experienced injury law firms.

If you have been in a car crash, Call Cellino. There is a very good chance that you are under a great deal of stress. We want to take your stress away and let you focus entirely on healing and recovery as we work on your case for you. You can speak to us any day in the week and at any time of day. Also, you won’t need to worry about making any payments since we are only paid after you win.”

About the Company: 

Cellino Law represents injury victims who seek fair compensation for injuries suffered due to negligence of others. The Cellino family has served New Yorkers as legal counsel for over six decades. Its past success in recovering millions of dollars in compensation is a measure of its commitment to securing justice for a client. 

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