Turkey Visa for Canada Citizens and Turkey Visa Application Process

August 29 21:58 2022

Turkey Visa for Canada Citizens

The eVisa program is suggested for usage by Canadian nationals. It is the most practical method of requesting a Turkey Visa for Canada Citizens. To obtain a visa on arrival, e-Visa applicants do not need to go to the Turkish Embassy in Canada or queue at the airport.

Turkey Visa for Canada Citizens  applications are only possible online. Canadians can fill out the form using a computer, smartphone or other electronic devices. The passenger will receive the approved visa by email.


It is quite inconvenient to visit the embassy several times to get your visa. Now the Turkish government has activated Electronic Travel Authorization, which allows citizens from more than 90 nations to apply for Turkish Tourist Visa online. Turkey visa for Canada is now also available online.

How long are Canadians permitted to visit Turkey on a visa?

The Turkey visa for Canadians is now also available through electronic travel authorization processes. Once you have received your visa to your registered email address, you can stay in Turkey for a total of 90 days. You should make sure you have all the other documents ready as well.

Depending on their circumstances, Canadian citizens should apply for an appropriate visa if they wish to stay longer. The validity of a Turkey visa extends only to travel and business trips. You need to apply for another visa at the Turkish office Embassy or Consulate General near you if you need to travel to Turkey for study or work.


You can get your Turkey Visa for Canadian citizens as Canadians are among the many nations in the world that are eligible for the e-Visa. A simple online application form is your first step to getting your own Turkey visa.Once the visa application process is complete, you must ensure that you have the following documents upon arrival:

  • Passport: You will need a Canadian government-issued passport. You should also make sure that your passport does not expire until six months after your arrival in Turkey.
  • e-Visa: It is recommended that you carry hard copies of your e-Visa with you during your trip.
  • One flight schedule for all your travels to and from Turkey.
  • You should also have an accessible e-mail address, as you will receive all information about the documentation process by e-mail.

Turkey Visa Application Process

The Turkey visa application process is available to Canadian citizens and can be completed in just five minutes. Applicants must submit their passport page information and their contact information, including their email and address. Canadians can apply for Turkey Visa online, fill out and receive your Turkey Visa by email. The Turkey Visa Application Process is made incredibly simple for Canadian citizens. Only having an email address, a credit or debit card in one of the 133 currencies, or PayPal is necessary.

Requirements for Turkey Visa

The processing of your eTA application starts after the payments have been paid. Email is used to transmit key Visa Online.

Three (3) items are required before you can finish your Turkey Visa Online application: a valid email address, a method of online payment (debit card, credit card, or PayPal), and a valid passport.

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival (3 months for Pakistani passport holders)
  2. Email address to receive notifications and the approved eVisa
  3. Debit or credit card to pay the Turkey eVisa fees

Only people with regular passports are eligible to apply for a Turkey e-Visa. Candidates with service passports, diplomatic passports or international travel documents cannot apply for a Turkey e-Visa.

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