Saudi Shiba Inu Releases First Collection Of Exclusive NFTs, Promises Huge Benefits For Holders

August 29 20:55 2022

Saudi Shiba Inu has joined the league of other cryptocurrencies in the NFT business, as the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token announced the launching of its first collection of Five Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty-Five (5555) exclusive non-fungible tokens NFTs.

The Saudi Shiba Inu NFTs which are on the Ethereum chain will feature high-quality animated interpretations of many exciting visual traits.

A press statement issued by the Saudi Shiba Inu team and signed by the Developer identified as Sir Doggidoge said the launching of the NFTs is contained in their whitepaper and it was to showcase the tokens’ real-world utility and build a strong community.

It said the holders of Saudi Shiba Inu NFT will be given access to benefits such as exclusive access to the project`s VIP club where they can network with like-minded investors and crypto enthusiasts.

According to the statement, other benefits range from airdrops, and guaranteed Whitelist spots in all future collections, to a reduced tax on the project token (ETH / BSC), many secret special benefits and much more.

It also said that holders of Saudi Shiba NFT will be allowed to vote on community-driven features, products and events for the Saudi Shiba Inu Token.  This makes the roadmap collaborative to be decided by the project founders and Saudi Shiba Inu holders over time.

The statment said the exclusive high-quality arts was sold in a premium public pre-sale on the Opensea Marketplace on August 27, 2022.  While those who were white-listed purchased the NFT with just 0.1 ETH, those who want to participate in the ongoing public sales can grab the NFT with just 0.15ETH.

The Saudi Shiba Inu team further expressed confidence that their NFTs will be retailed just like the recent “The Saudi NFT” that sold out just within hours after the release. They said there is a huge marketing plan in place to ensure the success of the NFTs and Saudi Shiba Inu tokens.

As you may know, Saudi Shiba Inu is a new token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum ETH chains that already have thousands of holders with an earlier Time High of about Three Million dollars dilluted Market Capitalization on the BSC network. The project has trended on Dextool, CMC top 3 and other top crypto sites since it was launched barely a month ago.

Saudi Shiba Inu developer, Sir Doggidoge alongside other members of his team from Europe, America and Saudi Arabia underwent an Adult and KYC (Know Your Customer) to make the project SAFU for investors. The Audit and KYC certificate can be accessed on their official website. 





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