My Right To Hear and the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) establish the first Cochlear Implant Program for children with hearing loss in North Syria

August 29 23:10 2022
My Right To Hear is a non-profit organisation based in the USA and working for the welfare of underserved children with hearing loss in the Middle East. Through collaboration with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), they helped establish the first cochlear implant program for children with hearing loss in North Syria after collaborating.

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA – My Right To Hear is a non-profit organisation providing remarkable services for the betterment of underserved children with hearing loss, particularly cochlear implant surgeries. The organisation has successfully treated more than 200 children over the past two years through their mission in Palestine. After giving hope to many children and their families in Palestine and the domiciliation of the services there, the organisation collaborated with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and started the first cochlear implant program in North Syria.  

Like many parts of the middle east, North Syria lacks cochlear implant surgery despite the high number of children with profound hearing loss who desperately need it.  Their only option was to get the surgery done in Turkey and pay an out-of-pocket price that vast majority of families can’t afford.

“Cochlear implant surgery is very expensive. It also requires special surgical expertise, followed by a specialized programs for rehabilitation, speech therapy, maintenance, and audiology programming which makes it out of reach for most families in Syria.” Said Dr. Mufaddal Hamadeh, President of SAMS. “I can’t imagine a more precious gift to give than the gift of hearing, a life changing gift that will help shape a better future for the children and their families forever.” SAMS is a well-established non-profit, non-political, professional organization representing thousands of Syrian-American medical professionals in the United States and provides humanitarian assistance to Syrians in need. They are also the largest healthcare providers in North Syria. After a solid collaboration between SAMS and My Right To Hear followed by 1 year of preparation and training, the cochlear implant program started by successfully treating the first five children earlier this month. This success gave hope to hundreds of families having children with hearing loss. “Our goal is to build a sustainable program by adequately training surgeons, audiologist, and speech therapist to provide this much needed treatment to as many children and families as we can, with the help of My Right To Hear.” Dr. Hamadeh continued.

My Right To Hear is one of the fastest growing non-profit organisations serving in the Middle East, working dedicatedly in giving children a healthy and better future by focusing on a neglected, yet fundamental aspect of child health, hearing loss. The organization has changed the lives of hundreds of children by providing cochlear implant surgeries and rehabilitation and it is in a journey to change more. Children who are treated through their programs are provided with the best available cochlear implants and receive intensive hearing rehabilitation until they can hear and talk for the first time.

“Cochlear implant surgery is a life-changing and time-sensitive procedure. Unfortunately, the high cost and complex infrastructure limits the access to that service despite the high demand in the Middle East. My Right To Hear was established to overcome those barriers, with the goal of domiciliation of cochlear implant services in the underserved countries of Middle East.”  Said Dr. Nimer Adeeb, President of My Right To Hear. “Our success in Palestine allowed us to expand to other regions, and we were honored to collaborate with SAMS to help build this wonderful program in North Syria. We are very happy for the success of the initial five surgeries and look forward to see those children able to hear and talk soon.”

My Right To Hear:

My Right To Hear offers cochlear implant surgery to children with severe hearing loss in Palestine. The organisation has launched a new “cochlear implant program” for children with hearing problems in North Syria after collaboration with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and completed the first round of successful surgeries.

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