Fingerprints By Live Scan Offers Fingerprinting for Florida Real Estate License

August 29 20:15 2022
Fingerprints By Live Scan offers assistance with fingerprinting as part of the Florida Real Estate License process. With in-person and mail-in ink cards, Fingerprints By Live Scan makes it easy to get the background check required for a real estate license.

Fingerprints By Live Scan eases the professional licensing process by offering fingerprinting services in around ten minutes or less. Prior to receiving approval to take the state exam, Florida real estate agents must secure a fingerprint based background check. When clients welcome an agent into their home, they need to be confident that agent has fulfilled FREC requirements to obtain a Florida Real Estate License. A fingerprint based background check is part of the licensing process to be able to take the state exam.

Fingerprinting with ease

It’s even possible to obtain a Florida real estate license anywhere in the world by securing fingerprints from a local police station and mailing them to a Fingerprints By Live Scan location in Florida for processing. You don’t have to be a Florida Resident or even a US citizen to get a Florida Real Estate License.

“Most people don’t realize you can get a Florida Real Estate license without ever stepping foot in Florida,” said Dylan Carissimo, founder of Fingerprints By Live Scan.

Carissimo said any prospective real estate agents already located in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas could get fingerprinting services at one of the Fingerprints By Live Scan offices in New Tampa/ Wesley Chapel, Downtown Tampa, and Palm Harbor, with two more offices that are opening in Lakeland and Orlando markets by end of year.

Fingerprints By Live Scan is approved as an FDLE Live Scan Service Provider. Because they are “hard card capable,” they can also process fingerprints to fulfill background check requirements used in professional licensing, including hard copy fingerprint cards.

“By mailing in a fingerprint card to Fingerprints By Live Scan, you don’t need to travel to one of our locations to get fingerprinted,” Carissimo said. “We have simplified the fingerprinting process and have helped thousands obtain their Florida Real Estate Licenses.”

Fingerprinting ensures the requesting agency is aware of any potential criminal history before approving licensing or employment. With Live Scan fingerprinting, the scanning process takes as little as ten minutes and clients can receive results in as little as 24-48 hours. 

Background Checks for Other Professional Licenses

Fingerprinting services at Fingerprints By Live Scan are submitted to FDLE and the FBI for level 2 background checks. The results are sent to the requesting agency. Those seeking an FBI background check have multiple options, from email-only results to email and hard copy results shipped through standard mail, priority mail, or FedEx overnight delivery.

In addition to real estate licensing, Fingerprints By Live Scan can also fulfill the needs for other various reasons, including:

–  Department of Business Professional Reulation (DBPR)
–  Florida Department of Health Licensing
–  Florida Health Care Administration (AHCA)
–  Department of Children and Families (DCF)
–  Office of Medical Marijuana Licensing (OMMU)
–  Office of Financial Regulation (OFR)
–  Florida Department of Education (DOE)


Fingerprints By Live Scan is an easy, hassle-free solution with multiple locations for convenience when one needs fingerprinting as part of the professional licensing process. To get a background check, make an appointment, walk into one of Fingerprints By Live Scan’s multiple Florida locations, or contact Fingerprints By Live Scan for details about out-of-state fingerprinting for a real estate license.

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