Simple Traffic Unlocks The Secret To Boosting Google Rankings And Website Traffic

August 27 02:34 2022
With its patented system, Simple Traffic has increased pageviews on hundreds of websites, resulting in more sales and higher engagement.

Nearly every business relies on its website to generate sales, but a website will never deliver without visitors. Being among the top search results is challenging, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to get more website traffic. Simple Traffic has developed a strategy proven to boost website visitors, which turns them into paying customers.

Google and other search engines use more than 200 factors to rank websites in their search results, including the site’s content, loading speed, security, and user experience. So, if a website doesn’t appear on the first page of relevant keyword searches, it’s likely to miss out on search traffic. But, again, the goal is to be among the first search results—higher-ranking websites get 36 percent of web traffic, which becomes sales leads.

A high search engine results page (SERP) ranking also increases a business’ authenticity and credibility among consumers. As a result, potential customers will have a more positive view of that website and are more likely to trust it. This trust positively impacts the company’s brand and drives conversions.    

Website traffic doesn’t directly impact a site’s SERP ranking, although it does have an indirect effect. More direct traffic means Google will view the website as an authority, and consistent traffic indicates the website is trustworthy and inviting. A steady stream of visitors who find a website informative and appealing can boost the site’s rankings.

The Simple Traffic solution 

Simple Traffic can deliver thousands—or tens of thousands—of daily visitors to a website. Through its extensive network of parked domains—purchased domain names not currently in use—Simple Traffic forwards visitors of these domains to one of its client’s sites.   

These visitors aren’t bots but real people who can interact with a website. Simple Traffic works with its clients to target demographics they want to drive to their site. If someone in this target audience visits one of Simple Traffic’s parked domains, the company instantly redirects the visitor to its matching client’s website. 

Because the web visitor meets the client’s targeted audience, they will likely be interested in what the client is selling and can navigate the website and click on links, which will keep them on the page longer. Thus, through this strategy, Simple Traffic’s clients can expect increased leads, sales, and repeat website traffic, which can boost Google SERP rankings. In addition, this website traffic will appear in Google Analytics, which businesses can use to measure their success. 

Increased web traffic has other benefits as well. For example, Simple Traffic lets its clients track where web visitors are coming from, which can steer marketing efforts. It also allows website developers to test their layouts and designs on real people and use insights generated by Simple Traffic’s reporting to increase website speed.


Simple Traffic’s effective strategy makes it easy to get more website traffic. The outcome is a higher ranking in Google search results, which generates more prospects and increases sales revenue.

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