BrandPush Builds Brand Awareness And Increases Website Traffic For Thousands Of Brands

August 27 02:31 2022
BrandPush offers businesses large and small the opportunity to build brand awareness and increase website traffic through their simple three-step process. BrandPush’s expert writers craft a news story, publish it to their network of over 200 news outlets, and the results speak for themselves.

Every business owner knows even the best advertising is useless if it doesn’t reach the target audience. BrandPush makes PR distribution a breeze by connecting business owners with a network of more than 200 popular news outlets worldwide. Customers have seen significant increases in website traffic and brand awareness using their three-step process. 

“Our writing and publishing services are easy to use. Just fill out our sign-up form, and within five to seven days, you will have a live article on more than 200 news websites,” BrandPush owners said. “Just a single article on a high authority website can cost hundreds, but not with us. We save you the time, money, and effort of getting you published, and we do it in a short timeframe.” 

Content produced by BrandPush and shared by their PR distribution team generally stays live online for as long as 24 months. However, clients are encouraged to order at least once monthly for the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) results.

Effective Three-Step Process

1) Writing 

BrandPush has an expert team of writers on staff to produce the perfect new story to promote each client’s brand. Written content can be a press release or news article. All content is suitable for publication in any news outlet.

2) Publishing

Once the content has been finished, the BrandPush team publishes it across the network of over 200 news sites worldwide. Clients frequently saw increased revenue after placing the “As seen on FOX, CBS, and NBC” trust badge following a BrandPush article.

3) Get Results

BrandPush sends each client a full report, including live links to the article at each publication, once publishing has been completed. Clients can watch the boost in exposure and sales while keeping track of engagement. While many news outlets include no-follow links in the published content, users still see gains with Google rankings.

“Experiments and industry studies have found that no-follow links can lead to higher rankings in Google. Don’t forget: The right no-follow link can bring you LOTS of targeted traffic,” said SEO Linking Expert Brian Dean.

Getting verified

BrandPush has helped numerous individuals and brands attain verified status on social media. To become verified, social media sites require news articles as proof one is a notable person of interest. With BrandPush’s help, providing the necessary news articles and live links is as simple as placing an order.

Proven process and reliable results

BrandPush can help a business get attention from the public, but without a professional, mobile-optimized website, that momentum could be lost. PR distribution through BrandPush also increases a website’s ranking on Google search results. Google’s algorithm uses links and backlinks to legitimate, reputable sites as one of the deciding factors for position.

“I used Brand Push to send out a press release about my website,” BrandPush user Daniel Herber said. “And they were really amazing to work with. The team at Brand Push was fast and adaptable. They completed the work within the timeframe and to my satisfaction. I will definitely be using them again. 

A valuable tool

Folded into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, BrandPush services have been enormously helpful for growing a business’ brand. Publication on legitimate news sites lends a business the authority it needs to get established in the industry. With different levels of service and exposure available, BrandPush has something for every brand.


BrandPush has helped thousands of individuals and businesses grow their brand awareness and exposure through effective PR distribution. As a trusted authority in the digital marketing industry, BrandPush does it all in three steps—Write. Publish. Results. 

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