Oscar Akermo Contests Top Players in the Tattooing Industry by launching his brand of Premium Tattoo Equipment and Training Courses

August 11 02:31 2022
Oscar Akermo is a Swedish-born tattoo master that started tattooing at age 14. Oscar has entered the American tattooing market with a mission to disrupt it with innovative tattoo equipment and training for newcomers with the launch of his brand Blāck.

Among millions of tattoo artists and masters across all compass points, not many can boast about being experts before reaching adolescence. Oscar Akermo is a Swedish tattoo professional that began working in the industry when he was only fourteen years old. 

Oscar Akermo was born in Uddevalla, Sweden. Ever since he was a child, he was drawn to various forms of art. From sewing his clothing, over scribbling and drawing, to creating unique music, Oscar’s early childhood was riddled with bursts of inspiration and creativity. 

Merely a year after his introduction to the tattooing industry, at age 15 he built his first tattoo machine. At the time, he did not know that he would be dubbed one of the most prolific tattoo art entrepreneurs of his time, but his talent, drive, and passion were undeniable from the start.


Two years after his apprenticeship in Uddevalla, Sweden ended, Oscar began travelling the world and showcasing his tattooing skills at conventions and feature shows across the globe in early 2016 he was recruited as one of the first European artists at Bang Bang Tattoos. Young and driven to learn every secret of his craft, Oscar then began his US career at the age of 21. 

On the topic of his passion for tattooing and how it comprises over half of his life, Oscar was featured in a documentary by ORG: 

“I started tattooing because I wanted to have tattoos. I had always been drawing, always been creative in some way. I would make crossbows and toys out of wood and scrap metal, and I would always draw the blueprints for whatever I did, and when the time came around, when I started getting interested in getting tattoos, I figured I should tattoo myself.”

Oscar continued talking about his early experiences, imparting that his first attempts at tattooing happened when he was only ten years old.

Oscar Akermo is now 27 years old and is leading his business as a tattoo art entrepreneur, Launching a cutting-edge tattoo equipment and educational brand called Blāck Tattoo Systems. 

More information about Oscar Akermo is available on his official website.

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