Smilogy Is The Dentists in Sydney Shaking Things Up

August 11 01:10 2022
Smilogy is making the process of getting an award-winning smile affordable for Aussies.

A smile is generally believed to be one of the best assets that anyone can have. But this claim only holds true if one’s smile does not detract from their facial features. There has been a lot of research that have shown that a crooked smile can literally lessen one’s quality of life. 

In addition to making its wearer seem ugly and distrustful, a crooked smile can deny one from beneficial opportunities. In contrast, a beautiful smile adds another layer of attraction to its wearer and helps them inspire trust everywhere they go as they are perceived to be healthy and rich. People with beautiful smiles are also more likely to land a better job than those with a crooked smile. 

Before the current era, fixing one’s smile used to be the exclusive preserve of the rich. Those who were unable to afford the expensive procedure had to endure a lesser quality of life. Fortunately for Aussies, organizations like Smilogy are making it possible for everyone to get their best smiles at the most affordable prices.    

The Smilogy Difference

Many of its services don’t require full clinic appointments, so patients are encouraged to pop in for a scan instead at one of their 40+ locations across Australia. To give even more quicker and convenient service, Smilogy has teamed up with Results Laser Clinic. The Results Laser Clinic are equipped with 3D scanning locations that can directly give its dentists the information they need to help shape an amazing new smile for its patients.


Smilogy is a dental clinic in Sydney & on a mission to transform, protect, whiten, and straighten smiles across the country. Some of its services include whitening, aligning, check-ups, dentures, smile makeover, mouthguards, and, of course, general dentistry. Moreover, every of these procedures are carried out in its sleek clinics that boast of the latest dental tech in the market. 

Smilogy prides itself in being a wholly-owned Australian business manned by Australian staff to cater to an Australian audience. All of its products are also manufactured in Australia and certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and other regulatory boards. As for its personnel, Smilogy boasts of Australian dentists, orthodontists, hygienists and the wider team, with over 80 years of experience, who have all been carefully selected for their ability, professionalism and expertise. 


As the clinic puts it concerning being Australian-made, “Our customers are based right here in Australia – and so are we. This means that we understand the market, taking the time to get to know you and your individual needs.”

Its state-of-the-art tech notwithstanding, Smilogy is a family-focused dental clinic that offers the most inexpensive options to the entire family. The clinic has affordable packages to cater to adult, teens, and kids. What’s more, they offer a price match guaranteed option that can beat any genuine dental quote from elsewhere. Smilogy’s collaborative care option is also one of its unique aspects. Unlike other clinics that do not take input from patients, Smilogy uses a different approach. Through its collaborative care option, the clinic works closely with its patients to find a custom smile solution. 

An overview of its latest services can be found here include:

–  Dentist Teeth Whitening
–  Custom Mouth Guards 
–  Custom Dentures Sydney
–  Invisalign Aligners 
–  Sydney’s Best Aligners 

Please visit to learn more about the clinic and its many offerings.

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