From Humble Small Town California Beginnings: CEO of DeMarco Enterprise International, Inc. Shares His Story of Success

August 04 19:30 2022
From Humble Small Town California Beginnings: CEO of DeMarco Enterprise International, Inc. Shares His Story of Success

Often times we hear of individuals who ventured into their chosen fields with nothing on their backs but their vision, passion-driven spirit, persevering attitude, and unwavering determination to succeed. Although possessing abundant financial resources and social connections could help go-getters to climb the summits of success, the lack of which did not hinder those who were highly dedicated to reaching impressive heights. A highly accomplished entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies is Sean K. DeMarco who is an individual driving home the point that one’s humble beginnings should not hinder one from achieving success.

Sean K. DeMarco the founder and CEO of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. has been widely recognized as a business leader whose initiatives speak volumes of his unparalleled passion for growth. Although these milestones already boast colors that exude excellence, one thing remains at the top of Sean’s priorities: reminding people of the value of passion and precision in achieving success.

Born and raised on the Central Coast of California. DeMarco was intimately privy to the harsh realities that come with climbing the summits of success. He revealed that his family did not have what rich families possessed being from a family of small business owners, but he had an amazing childhood. Sean shared, “Growing up, I had the childhood every child should. I was raised in a house full of love and could not have asked for more. I was truly blessed in that sense.” The happiness he felt during his childhood years inspired him to work hard. “They made sure always to do the right thing. Without a doubt, my grandparents and family is what made me who I am today,” shared the CEO. 

The entrepreneur began carving a success-enabling path in his chosen field when he studied business in college. Despite the odds stacked against him, he worked hard until he managed to breathe life into his first company, DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. and later DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. 

At the core of Sean DeMarco’s journey to triumph lies a deep desire to success even with all of his setbacks and become a launching pad for others. As a thriving entrepreneur whose story proves that coming from humble beginnings, with little money is no hindrance, he aims to inspire others to work hard and become passionate in their pursuit of success. “Anything is possible with the right mindset. If you want something bad enough, you will get it, you can make it happen but you must wish that same success on others. Everyone wants to win, so let’s all win together,” explained DeMarco.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, DeMarco has partnered with several platforms such as Apple TV, Google Plus, Roku TV and Amazon Fire. Sean DeMarco wants his story to inspire others to start carving a success-enabling path of their own. 

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