Goldmark Oakham is going to present the first Soul Diamond for Vietnam

August 03 05:39 2022

Recently, COO Nhan Le of Goldmark Oakham signed to award Venerable Thich Giac Ton the Soul Dimond at Tinh That Hoa Nghiem with the desire to honor the beauty and religious values of Vietnam in life.

Tinh That Hoa Nghiem

The religious traditions reflect the rich and diverse spiritual life, tolerance, generosity and kindness of the Vietnamese people and the spirit of national solidarity. Each signal and religion has its own cultural characteristics, but they are all directed to “Truthfulness-Compassion-Americanism”, influenced by national traditions, contributing to the beauty of diverse cultures and rich in the identity.

Understanding that, COO Nhan Le shared that she was impressed by the cultural beauty of her nation, in which, especially the Venerable Thich Giac Ton at Tinh That Hoa Nghiem, is a kind and enthusiastic person. brings to life positive energies, spreads good values, awakens people to get rid of the dominating things “Greed – Hatred – Si” and perfects himself in the best version.

COO Nhan Le visits Tinh That Hoa Nghiem

Those are all the contributions of sage Ton until he comes to the afterlife, which makes Tinh That Hoa Nghiem deeply mourn, appreciate and want to keep a part of Master Ton’s memories forever.

Empathizing with everyone at Tinh That Hoa Nghiem, COO Nhan Le of Goldmark Oakham always aspires to do something meaningful. A special idea arose in her and she shared: “The Soul Diamond is not only a valuable gem but also a miracle, Buddhism is my faith and the Vietnamese people, I shared the wish of Goldmark Oakham to create the soul diamond of Master Ton, to honor the religious beauty of Vietnam, and they agreed.”

The signing ceremony to donate Soul Diamond took place successfully

Accordingly, COO Nhan Le recently went directly to Tinh That Hoa Nghiem to sign and present the first Soul Diamond of Goldmark Oakham to Venerable Thich Giac Ton. This is a meaningful event to cherish the best. According to the process of simulating nature, a 1.5 carats diamond will be made from the Venerable’s nails and hair, and given back to the temple to contribute to preserving the purest and most quintessential value.

COO Nhan Le signed to present the Soul Diamond to The Most Venerable Thich Giac Ton 

Goldmark Oakham is on the way to transfer the brand to Vietnam with high-class diamond jewelry lines and Soul Diamond promises to be a meaningful and valuable gift at Tinh That Hoa Nghiem.

This is a Soul Diamond made from extremely special carbon materials that have been extracted and refined to a high degree combined with the application of modern and advanced technology lines to create valuable jewelry, bold “Personal” for each object and most delicate and unique.

Goldmark Oakham – Luxury, high-end jewelry brand

Goldmark Oakham is in the stages of bringing a top-class jewelry brand to Vietnam, which are uniquely crafted models with rare colors in the world that Goldmark Oakham owns.

Let’s look forward to the period when Goldmark Oakham brings a top-class jewelry brand to Vietnam to discover the most interesting things.

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