Health, Weight Management, Diabetes Control, and Obesity Loss with Dr. Paulette Higgins & The All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre Through Functional Medicine

August 03 03:42 2022
Dr. Paulette Higgins & The All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre treats patients suffering from lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, stress, obesity, and high cholesterol with drug-free solutions. The treatments are available in-person and online. The center also connects with patients through an app.

According to announcements released by Dr. Paulette Higgins & The All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre, individuals who wish to regain health and get treated for lifestyle diseases without surgery or drugs should consider the center’s successful record in helping patients recover from hypertension, stress, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

The treatments are delivered in-person at the center, online, and via an app. The center focuses on disease-fighting nutrition plans, tailored exercise programs, stress management and mind-set training inclusive of creating paradigm shifts in the patient’s mind regarding their perceptions about illness, wellness, and health.  

The center considers lifestyle diseases to result from faulty lifestyles, including a poor diet, little to no exercise, sleep, smoking, drinking, stress, etc. It has successfully mitigated symptoms of these conditions and, in many cases, reversed diseases. 

It regards these as preventable and educates those patients who’ve given up hope because they consider lifestyle diseases hereditary or a condition that they must have for life.

The clinic is focused on healthcare that it delivers through a team of licensed and registered doctors, psychotherapists, certified personal trainers, functional nutritionists, and health coaches. It works to help patients lead pain-free and disease-free lives. 

Dr. Paulette Higgins works with patients from all over the world. The clinic traces its success to its philosophy of diagnosing and treating the root causes of conditions instead of treating the disease symptomatically.

The center focuses on individuals 40 years and above who need to manage weight to control diabetes, hypertension, triglycerides, and cholesterol without subjecting themselves to unrealistic diets that are not sustainable and exercise routines that stress the joints.

The center’s app, “All Dunamis Health & Fitness,” educates on useful lifestyle modifications that allow users to prevent, treat, and gain freedom from lifestyle diseases.

For more information, go to or contact Dr. Higgins at [email protected]

Dr. Paulette Higgins & The All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre said, “My name is Dr. Paulette Higgins, B.Sc., D.C., R.T.P., and I can tell you that this has been a remarkable 30-year journey.

I started as a certified personal trainer and later managed large fitness centers, helping people lose weight and improve their health while working on my Bachelor of Science in Human Biology/Pre-Med. Subsequently, I received my doctorate in chiropractic, including two years of physical therapy, and completed my post-doctoral training in sports medicine. I have had the privilege of working with world-class athletes, including professional bodybuilders & N.F.L. players. 

As I started my own family, I decided to transition into the wellness arena, which has been my passion for the last 20 years. I have completed postdoctoral training in a specialized area called Functional Medicine. This specialty determines how and why an illness or disease occurs in a patient’s body and then restores the patient back to health by addressing the root causes of their condition. Today, I own and operate the All Dunamis Lifestyle Centres, in-person and virtually. This allows me to manage and help patients from all over the world!

About the Company:

Dr. Paulette Higgins & The All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre treats health conditions without drugs or surgery. It focuses on health, stress management, tailored exercise programs and nutrition coaching to address the underlying issues that manifest as conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and other obesity related conditions.

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