About Timepieces and the wonderful world of Independent watchmaking

July 05 07:40 2022
Limited edition and bespoke/unique watches by independent watchmakers

About Timepieces, a relatively new e-commerce platform that is successfully introducing independent watchmakers to their ever-growing clan of like minded watch lover clients (many being self-confessed watch geeks).

With retail and pre-owned prices of watches from brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet shooting through the roof and breaking records at auction, many collectors have been finding their own way into the previously “underground” world of independent watchmaking.

There are already a few previously niche brands that have broken out into the mainstream media and are creating waves. Pieces from classical independent watchmakers, artisans and masters of high end finishing, are already selling for more than retail price on resale markets and if one is ordered and made for individuals (if lucky enough to get the opportunity), expect to wait anything from 1 – 3 years (or even more) to receiveit.

An abundance of (often relatively unknown) individual watchmakers, independents or micro brands with small teams of staff, produce high quality timepieces; many of which are either completely hand made and/or feature in house made bespoke movements and complications, as well as heavily modified Swiss Calibres.

One will not usually find a wide selection of new watches from independent brands in many physical stores, however, About Timepieces aim to provide this in an online only platform. If a client would like something specially made, or if there are communication struggles with a brand that About Timepieces do not stock, there is a good chance that they already know them. About Timepieces offer these services free of chargeand as a conduit into their world.

Electing to specialise solely on independent brands and only selling limited editions or unique pieces from these brands is certainly a niche, however, the quality and craft in these timepieces offer not only value for money, but also the opportunity for the wearer to show off their own personality, by selecting watches that are not only sometimes a bit off the wall, but almost always rare.

About Timepieces are also working on very small batch Exclusive releases with some of these brands; these watches are only available to purchase through their online store.

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