Satang Coin Exchange is committed to creating the world’s first intelligent trading system and income lock-in wealth management ecosystem

December 07 18:39 2021

Introduction of Satang Coin Exchange

The Satang Coin exchange is dominated by the Satang Coin digital asset investment fund, which aims to create the world’s first intelligent trading system and income lock-up wealth management ecosystem. The foundation is committed to building the Satang Coin exchange into an all-round ecological community of exchange + platform currency. The token Satang Coin can be directly exchanged with other mainstream currencies on the platform or open daily income lock-in wealth management, etc. And provide various functions in the system. Digital assets are managed to support the storage of mainstream currencies and the appreciation of asset deposits. At the same time, the core of the Satang Coin exchange lies in the circulation and trading of encrypted digital assets. Satang Coin tokens are issued with ERC-20 and connected with legal currencies (Bitcoin, USDT, etc.) to realize the efficient transfer of value between trading pairs. On the basis of the value circulation of various currencies in the ecology, create a high-value lock-up wealth management transaction model, open smart wealth management strategy transaction services, and provide investors in the bear market with a risk-averse, safe and high return rate Investment approach.

Satang Coin is open source based on blockchain technology and uses asset data with decentralized security features on the chain. We no longer need to rely on random sampling to analyze small data information, but through accurate large data volume to make accurate analyze data. It not only changes the asset management and circulation, asset storage data maintenance, and the innovation of asset operation data, but also allows the asset management and transaction fields to enter the information disclosure.

Relying on value, Satang Coin uses scientific and efficient management and operation methods to accumulate distributed ecological resources and energy and export this energy to the entire industry. Finally, through the empowered application, it feeds back the entire ecology, and finally forms a cycle of empowerment, Continued development trend.

Self-developed public chain – Satang Chain

Satang Chain is committed to developing a third blockchain ecosystem other than Bitcoin and Ethereum, and expanding the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology, so that ordinary Internet users can feel the value of blockchain technology.

In the Satang Chain system, the underlying technology of Stellar has been innovatively applied, through the SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) protocol to achieve point-to-point value transfer, and based on this protocol, a decentralized application development platform (DAPP) supporting multiple industries Platform).

Specifically, in terms of consensus mechanism, the Satang Chain system will be based on SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) in terms of the degree of decentralization, practicality, and technical reliability to realize distributed network, Ledger, consensus, gateway, and distribution. Basic functions such as open transactions, multi-currency transactions, wallets, payments, digital asset issuance, etc. Make the smart contracts of the blockchain more grounded and more in line with business rules, build a bridge from the real world to the blockchain world, and provide better financial services. Good support.

The goal of Satang Chain is to build an underlying blockchain payment system, which mainly includes: — is to build the underlying platform of Satang Coin to provide blockchain support services for the digital economy; the second is to provide blockchain industry application solutions, third-party A reasonable blockchain application model can be formulated based on the actual conditions of each industry; the third is to build a Satang Coin ecosystem, integrate industrial assets, and realize industry-finance docking services.

Create Satang Coin DAPP and wallet application, and issue Satang Coin digital assets. At that time, Satang Coin will provide global users with digital currency payment, transaction, mining, financial management, etc. And support the circulation and payment of digital currency assets in all ecosystems, as well as global legal currency settlement based on digital currencies. At the same time, the Satang Coin token is the basis for the realization of exchange services. All transactions such as receipts and payments, transfers, fiat currency transactions, deposits, withdrawals, voting, STO gateways, allocation of coins, lending, mining, lock-up, wealth management, etc. are all conducted by Satang Coin implementation.

At the same time, Satang Chain opens KPI interfaces and provides open-source community resources to the world, so that platforms and institutions in more fields can develop their own ecosystem based on Satang Chain’s technology. The payment ecology built on the basis of the public chain will have the following characteristics:

More secure: path security, data security, tamper-proof and no single point of failure

Faster: real-time transactions, no intermediaries, faster transfer and settlement.

Cheaper: low-cost transactions, low transaction commissions, and no intermediary commissions.

Design Principles

The design of Satang Coin follows the principle of improving the circulation of the product, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1) Quickly build applications: The Satang Coin network provides a lightweight REST API interface, and the user can quickly build applications through JavaScript, Java, GO or Ruby, Python.

2) Mass user support uses relational database plus OSS Bucket to virtualize the billing and permission control of mass users.

3) Fast transaction verification: 3~5 seconds to close the account book, through the account sequence method, can achieve multiple transactions in the same account.

4) Visual operation and maintenance management: A visual operation and management method based on the node layer and the Web layer is adopted to visually manage the data, the number of transactions, and the transaction data of each ledger

5) Multi-party signature technology: It can be applied to quantitative registration of assets, multi-person transfer of assets, DAO (decentralized organization) community management, and control asset security through signature weight thresholds.

6) Regular transaction technology: through the pre-signature of the transaction, the post-validation method can realize the regular transaction and realize the payment method similar to the check.

Basic functions of the system

1) Asset registration

Asset registration is the best application scenario for the Satang Coin exchange. The asset registration process is usually completed by a gateway or a gateway agent. All the assets registered by the gateway or the assets registered by the agent need to be trusted by the asset owner, and only trusted parties can trade the same asset. The registered assets are mainly divided into:

Currency type assets: Currency type assets are mainly used for the gateway to connect with other digital currencies and digital asset platforms. There is no limit to the currency type of assets. As many actual currency assets are owned by the gateway, as many asset symbols can be registered.

Physical assets: mainly refers to the digitization of assets. Such assets are generally registered by enterprises or institutions and sold by gateways. Such assets generally have a certain amount. After the registration is completed, the operation authority threshold will be used to commit suicide to restrict the asset registrant from no more issuance.

2) Blockchain wallet

In order to make it convenient for ordinary users to use the wallet, the Satang Coin wallet adopts the SPV method, that is, to access the wallet through the Web. The wallet uses the SSL protocol and supports Symantec CA certificates. At the same time, the wallet can support cold wallets and hot wallets.

Cold wallet: A wallet suitable for large amounts of funds. The public and private key pairs of the wallet are generated offline. Users can generate any key pair they like. After the key is selected, a public key starting with G can be provided to accept large amounts of funds. Keep the private key information starting with S in your custody.

Hot wallet: The hot wallet is suitable for small fast transaction scenarios. The hot wallet key adopts the custody method. When the user registers the wallet account, the private key generated by the user’s payment password will be encrypted locally on the user’s computer through 3DES, and the result will be encrypted Hosted in the wallet cloud via SSL protocol. That is, the hot wallet key information transmitted on the network and stored in the cloud is data encrypted by the user, and no one except the wallet user can obtain the original content of the private key. When the user needs to sign a transaction, the private key will be obtained from the wallet cloud server, and the user enters the payment password to decrypt the content on the user’s local computer. After the decryption is successful, the wallet local program will sign the transaction information with the private key and submit it Trade on the Satang Coin network.

The Satang Coin wallet contains two types of assets: native assets and registered assets, which are similar in nature to the renminbi and various cards in the wallet in real life. Native assets can be used without any trust, and the assets registered by the gateway must trust the corresponding assets to exchange value.

3)Blockchain browser

Blockchain is a highly technical distributed ledger technology. In order to satisfy ordinary users to understand the ledger situation, Satang Coin Exchange provides a blockchain browser, which is convenient for ordinary users to check the assets displayed by any application developed based on Satang Chain. quantity. In order to ensure the validity of the ledger, the blockchain browser supports linking different blockchain nodes to query the ledger, and can observe the generation of each block and each transaction in real time. When entering the corresponding account, you can query various accounts of the account. Asset balance and all transaction records.

Satang Coin asset issuance solution

Compared with the traditional exchange system, Satang Coin has significant advantages in the field of digital assets: once the asset is issued on the Satang Coin exchange, the subsequent circulation can no longer rely on the issuer system. In circulation, the asset is controlled by a single center. Social communication, any channel with resources may become a catalyst for asset circulation. Therefore, the Satang Coin Exchange can greatly improve the efficiency of digital asset circulation and truly achieve “multi-party issuance and free circulation”. Traditional asset services require corresponding intermediaries, such as asset owner certification, authenticity notarization, etc. Which require the intervention of a third party to complete? Only through the intervention of the three parties of the asset issuer, the asset receiver, and the circulation platform, can the asset be completed. Complete the entire circulation process. In the current tripartite model, there are the following pain points:

After the assets enter into circulation, they still have to rely on the asset issuer system to complete the use and transfer, which limits the scope of asset circulation to the user group of the issuer system; traditional asset circulation channels are limited, and almost all rely on large channels and industry channels Due to the substantial increase in the cost of the monopoly position, the circulation cost has increased significantly, and it is difficult for small channels and individuals to play a role in the circulation link.

In the digital asset issuance and circulation network, Satang Coin can be used for asset registration, transaction confirmation, bookkeeping, reconciliation, and settlement. The digital asset network of the Satang Coin exchange includes various upstream and downstream institutions including asset issuers, asset transactions, and circulation channels. They can carry out their own business on the chain according to their roles. Any digital asset can be registered and issued on the platform, and various entities (individuals, institutions) can register and issue their own digital assets on the platform. Realization of asset registration is publicity, which is conducive to the tracking and query of digital assets and can effectively reduce asset disputes.

The core of asset circulation is channels. The Satang Coin exchange technology makes asset circulation from the original single-center control to socialized circulation. Any channel with resources can become a catalyst for asset circulation, promote circulation and improve circulation efficiency. The basic feature of Satang Coin Exchange’s “transaction is settlement” makes real-time clearing possible, greatly improving the efficiency of post-transaction processing, and realizing the real-time query function of asset circulation. Digital assets can be digitized assets, which can become the entrance to asset securitization and asset digitization, and map real assets into digital assets to be issued and circulated on the chain.

Based on the Satang Coin exchange’s free digital asset network, the platform will issue value circulation certificates Satang Coin tokens, and realize the whole ecology and global circulation. The total issuance and distribution plan is as follows:

Total circulation: 100 million, of which 40% is reserved by the foundation for ecological development such as operations, commercial promotion, and community incentives, 25% is used for investor protection funds, 10% is reserved for the founding team, and 25% is used Public and private equity.

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