One app to connect many souls – Launching IAmGoingTo

June 08 17:32 2021

In 2021, amidst the worldwide epidemic, we missed that number one factor to be happy: be with others. To be happy, we cannot live in a secluded space alone. Instead, we need others; human beings are essentially social beings. This socialization need is at the base of the development of the ‘IAmGoingTo’ app. This is not just an app, but an experience, an adventure you are about to take with several other, several like-minded people, like you, who are ready to meet you, learn from you, share joys and excitements.

An app built to wash away your pandemic blues, your loneliness, IAmGoingTo is here to brush off your depressed soul with a new purpose and positive outlook. This app allows you to meet new people and join their events in real life; you can also create your events and adventures. You won’t have to feel alone in a new city anymore; you won’t have to suffer from FOMO alone. Some people can join your hiking and join their camping trips and meet exciting new people. The goal of this app is to bring all go-getters together. The app will help you to shake away your pandemic experiences and provide glimpses of an ordinary safe world. All you need to do is search for available or happening events, and several events will come up in your area. It might be a road trip, camping, dancing, hiking, snowboarding, fishing, rollerblading, or just riding a bike in the park. Not just events, it will even suggest you proper classes for specific activities. You want to put away your worries and anxieties by skying or doing some outdoor activities? The app will suggest a rock guide or an outdoor guide for excursing and a morale boost.

Are you thinking of hiking the Alps next weekend? Don’t you worry! ‘IAmGoingTo’ has your back; it will help you connect with various event service providers. All your program needs are just a click away. All you have to do is search your interested filter, and various related services will pop up. For instance, you want to pass part of the Pacific Ridge and surf? The app will provide you with available event services, camping, surf rental, guide, fast food, and everything that you need within your locality. Your friends and services everything is ready to mingle and have a good time just a search away.

If you are someone who’s looking for a job, I think IAmGoingTo is your lucky ticket. You can attract clients if you provide any service for active people; if you’re a guide, a dance teacher, a surf coach, or you lend equipment for snowboarding or surfing, then it is made for you. We provide entertainment and opportunity on the same platform.

Check out our app on Google Play and App Store. Registration using Google and Facebook account. 

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