Pet Enthusiasts Jack and Ann Davis Bring In-depth and Timely Help to Pet Owners Through Petcosset.Com

May 03 16:47 2021

Jack and Ann, an animal loving couple from Canada, have become a huge source of help to pet owners through their website In this blog, they share their experience as cat, dog, guinea pig and rabbit owners, offering advice drawn from the lessons they’ve learnt as pet parents. PetCosset is focused on helping pet owners become more responsible.

PetCosset updates include ample in-depth research, aside from Jack and Ann’s personal experiences. They offer candid solutions for every pet issue a pet owner may face, both in the present and the future. Along with that, they interact with fellow pet owners to deliberate pet problems and what can be done to solve them. Jack and Ann work as allies to all pet parents in raising a healthy doggo or kitty, no matter the breed.

We know that having pets are not always a bed of roses. Accidents happen, lousy behavior may occur, and the hardest part is seeing your furry baby get sick. In our little way here, we try to ease the burden by giving you practical tips. We add new content each week for fresh insights and tips on being a pet owner. And if you have topics or questions that you want us to talk about, feel free to message us here or comment on our posts”, said Jack and Ann, the founders of

Besides the helpful info articles, they also recently published sixteen articles regarding dog biting in many different situations: play bite, guard dog bite, dog fright, a bite after a child provoked the dog, beware of dog sign, dog bite through a fence, etc. All these articles cannot be used as a legal advice, and should be used for info purposes only. The articles provide references to many different legal cases and were reviewed by Nicholas A. Battaglia, Esq., an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey.  He is a truly pet lover and owner of counselor-at-bark Flora, a mixed breed rescue. 

Jack and Ann live in Calgary, Canada. Their family includes two humans, a dog and a cat. They currently have Sherlock, a Golden Retriever, and Watson, an orange tabby. They hope that through their website, others will realize the joy that a little furry buddy can bring to the family.

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