Dylan Leonte is skyrocketing the metalcore scene, starting with Dylan ‘N’ Alice

May 03 20:06 2021
From working with Mathew Knowles, to creating a battle of the bands series, to even incorporating metal in viral prank videos.

Dylan Leonte is the singer of the Alternative Metal / Post Hardcore group Dylan ‘N’ Alice. Besides Dylan, it’s current members are Michael Moore, Tommy Kerr, and Kazuki Tokaji. The band has been working in very unique ways to raise awareness, and ultimately bring the metal community together. In 2017 they officially started working with the superstar maker Mathew Knowles, who is not only Beyonce’s father, but also her former manager. For the next four years they continued in this direction hoping he would get them their “big break” but in early 2021 they decided it was time to part ways.

Looking for a new approach Dylan Leonte started working overtime on his social media content, while also incorporating metal music into his videos. He soon found himself with 1.4 million followers on Tik Tok as he and his band host “Metal News” which is claimed to be the biggest rock & metal news source on that platform currently. This skyrocketed their music video for their hit song “Lonely Hunter” which has now been seen over one million times on YouTube. Dylan says he plans on expanding this new wave of metal fan support by filming a prank segment called “Metal in Public” with his band, and his good friends “Even Out” on YouTube while simultaneously releasing an online TV series where metal bands can compete with each other in hopes for a record deal.

To touch a bit on that, Dylan ‘N’ Alice and their new battle of the bands TV series is currently being filmed in Los Angeles, CA where all three of Dylans’ band members are the “stone cold” yet goofy judges on the show while he hosts the entire thing. They are planning to make each band go under various challenges, record new original songs under a grammy award winning producer, and finally perform their newly recorded songs on a huge stage in front of a live audience. Both sound, performance, and overall fan support will be huge “points” for each band participating. They also plan on bringing a couple celebrity guests, technical musicians, and social media stars onto the judging panel from time to time as well. Dylan ‘N’ Alice said they can’t wait to release the first episode, and promised the show will be unique and like no other contestant series filmed ever before: https://www.dylannalice.com/

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