MEYA App: the science of music applied to well-being

May 03 12:34 2021
MEYA App: the science of music applied to well-being

MEYA App: the science of music applied to well being
MEYA is a new music and well-being app that uses electronic music to take listeners on a 8-12 minute “music mind journeys”, a form of meditation which aims to reduce daily stresses and to give a different perspective of life.

MEYA leverages the entraining power of music, sound healing and binaural beats to facilitate the meditative state and a relaxed state of mind. The frequencies alone used in MEYA music have an impact on the body and the mind, while the vocals guidance helps the user to remain present during each session.

MEYA’s in-house producers create tracks that stimulate the mind and trigger a positive emotional response. When coupled with positive and inspiring words, which feature on some tracks, the effect is very mood-enhancing. 

There is a range of scientific studies on the subject. The use of music and sound to help with mental stress and pain is well documented. A 2016 meta-study in the Journal of Music Therapy concluded that music in many cases “provides an effective complementary approach for the relief of acute, procedural, and chronic pain in the medical setting” along with a reduction in the production of stress hormones.

Lesley Parkinson, an expert consultant clinical psychologist in bio-feedback and neuro-feedback, recently released a study, which demonstrates that music produced at 432hz – the same as that used by MEYA – results in better sleep patterns and an improved immune response. Other studies show that the right melody or chord can boost blood flow, reduce anxiety and improve post operative recovery. 

Founder R. Ricci comments: “MEYA music is designed to tackle the traditional preconception of meditative music. By blending calibrated beats, sound and rhythm with neurolinguistic programming (NLP) based guided meditation, we engage the listeners brain into a healthy, positive mindset. The different layers of entrainment can effectively bring the listener to a meditative, “alpha” state, which enables the motivational and inspiring words to land at a deeper level in the subconscious. We aim to bring together music, dancing, meditation, mental health and spiritual wellbeing”.

MEYA app is available on App Store and Google play and offers free content as well as a 30day free trial for the premium version. 


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