Parker’s Poetry Plus Introduces Bible-Based Christian Poetry Apparel

April 28 13:37 2021
This brand offers t-shirts, books, custom embroidery, hats, poetic witness wear, and more to deliver Scripture messages to people.

Many people are searching for inspirational items to wear or add to their home interiors today. For Christians, these inspirations help power them through every day. To help people of deep, whole-hearted religious faith be inspired by the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, Parker’s Poetry Plus, a brand delivering Christian poetry merchandise introduces its Bible-based Christian poetry apparel.

Parker’s Poetry Plus is created by inventor and poet Joel B. Parker of Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by the Scripture poems, Joel developed his first invention in 2021 during a pandemic – the Holy Ghost Mirror. His invention features an engraved lighted mirror with an original spiritual poem or Bible verse. It can be plugged in an electrical outlet to light up, enabling the user to read the poetically written words in vivid color while seeing one’s self in the mirror. This situation allows one to reflect on himself or herself physically and spiritually.

Prior to releasing the Holy Ghost mirror, Joel launched Parker’s Poetry Plus. Now, the company also offers t-shirts, books, custom embroidery, hats, poetic witness wear, and more.

Parker’s Poetry Plus delivers a wide variety of quality products that people can wear. Its Custom T-shirt, for example, has several colors that customers can choose from. It has different hues or variations of blue, green, pink, purple, gray, and gold.

The brand also offers shirts of varying styles with over one hundred different phrases. and colors with statements such as “Mt. Everest vs Golgotha,” “Jesus Over Everything,” “The Lord is Leading Me,” “in any Language JESUS SAVES,” and Parker’s Poetry Plus also features a statement cap with the print “Do the Math. God is Greater than Any Situation.”

Parker’s Poetry Plus also provides people with books written by Joel. The book titled “Blessed with Less” seeks to dispel the myths that are often confused with being blessed and qualify what it means to be blessed by God. It also continues to remind Christians that it is not necessarily denoted in quantity or abundance but rather in quality and modesty. This way, people can learn and realize how they can be blessed with less.

Joel’s other book, titled “Poetically Correct from Ground to Glory” is composed of poems that can be read in the presence of the entire family. It’s a compilation of various pieces of poetry that was inspired to be written for various occasions and individuals. It varies in genre and style inclusive of a short story, a poetic puzzle, and even a glossary. Regardless of one’s theological perspective, he or she will be challenged to explore the facts and scriptural references. “The Poet Joel” professes to speak truth to the best of his knowledge and state facts based on the public information available at that time.

These books are just some of the titles in Parker’s Poetry Plus collection. To browse for more of the brand’s products and order merchandise online, be sure to visit

About Parker’s Poetry Plus

Parker’s Poetry Plus endeavors to present the Word of God in the more palatable form without diluting it. The brand believes that putting a specific phrase or poetry on apparel calms or brings the divine to people’s lives. To help individuals get exactly that, Parker’s Poetry Plus ensures that they get quality and comfortable apparel with Bible-based poetry prints at the best pricing available.

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