1st Long-Form “Epic” Poem About Hollywood Releases On Instagram – The Age Of Light Enshrined

January 04 19:09 2021

Engaging with Readership Every Step of the Way, Zachary Ramsey Releases His Multigenerational Epic Poem Chronicling the Trials and Tribulations of Hollywood

Zachary Ramsey is proud to announce the release of his long-form epic poem The Age of Light Enshrined. Stepping outside of typical publishing norms, Ramsey has taken to social media and is pushing the boundaries of how we consume narrative print media.  Releasing his latest work via Instagram ahead of the 2022 print release, Ramsey is engaging directly with his readership and taking an approach more akin to episodic television than a traditional novel. Effortless, accessible, and conversational, the work has attracted an engaged readership and is making waves throughout the publishing industry.

The Age of Light Enshrined is a long-form epic poem that chronicles the triumphs, trials and tribulations of Hollywood throughout its 100+ year history. Opening with the Lumiere Brothers, the epic masterfully recalls the foundations of cinema, including the Lumiere’s bouts with Thomas Edison, the introduction of the first movie stars and the invention of the cinematic language. Continuing to introduce William Sommerfeld, the founder of a fictionalized Hollywood dynasty, this one-of-a-kind work uses poetic verse to weave real historical people, places, and events into a fictionalized story about one of Hollywood’s most notorious film families.

Ramsey began releasing the epic via Instagram on December 14th, 2020. Not only is the author pushing the boundaries of publishing by choosing to release over the social media platform but the release schedule is also rather unique. Pages of the poem are released Monday through Thursday at the rate of 1 page per day. The book’s release will continue over Instagram for the next year and a half and will conclude with the release of the official print version of the book.

“The Age of Light Enshrined was undertaken in the spirit of those great epic poems that speak of and through the generations. The story told is a dynastic telling of our current global media landscape as told by a 4th generation descendent from one of Hollywood’s oldest film families. The work seeks to explore, examine, and comment on our times… bringing into focus how completely the moving image has shaped our shared view of the world around us.” – Zachary Ramsey, Author

Through proof of concept, dedication to engaging readership, and a wholly unique voice Zachary Ramsey is employing the age-old conventions of poetry to shine a new light on our modern media landscape.

To learn more about Zachary Ramsey and The Age of Light Enshrined, please visit: http://www.instagram.com/theoneswemake/

About Zachary Ramsey

Zachary Ramsey is a filmmaker and poet raised in Chicago, Illinois. Currently working out of Los Angeles, California, Zachary is the author of Forward To An American Odyssey (2018), Past The Precipice (2019), and Fields of Life (2020). In 2019 he produced/directed the documentary film The Great Open, about the long-haul trucking industry. In his latest work, Ramsey chronicles the trials and tribulations of Hollywood in the long-form epic, The Age of Light Enshrined.

Website: http://zpramsey.wixsite.com/aole

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/theoneswemake/

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