Arguably the best medical thriller in years. A true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character with a psychopathic position as the monstrous evil villain

July 06 01:52 2019
Arguably the best medical thriller in years. A true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character with a psychopathic position as the monstrous evil villain
Not With My Brain, You Don’t by Richard D Tenney, a Medical Thriller that is set to Rivet Minds

Bozeman, Montana – July 5, 2019 – “Not With My Brain You Don’t” is a novel that throws off the precepts on medical professionals and has the likely possibility of being labeled the best medical thriller in years. Written by Tenney, a doctor himself, the medical thriller narrates the story of a smooth-talking swaggering psychopathic cardiologist, Dr. Griff Wooden, who develops a miracle drug that prevents cardiac arrests. Unfortunately, he is armed with one of the world’s most advanced medicines available. A spectacular drug he selfishly uses to benefit himself to the mental and physical detriment and even death of others. The novel is a nail-bitter with frequent unexpected twist and turns that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat.

The backdrop of “Not With My Brain You Don’t” is Chicago’s oldest hospital, Chicago General Mercy Hospital, where Dr. Griff Wooden is employed. The hospital is in illustrious medical center that purports homespun down to earth, but extremely efficient trend setting medicine. It also saves lives on a daily basis. But behind these sterilized walls, lurks a psychopathic position who knowingly commandeers a deceptive scheme. The story takes a dark turn as his psychopathic tendencies overcome him and overshadows any good the miracle drug engenders.

“It’s written in a freelance fashion with no definite plot until the finish. No editors, outliners, and helpers were hired in the production of this book – everything was done by the author. I write because it makes me feel creative and contributing,” says the Tenney.

“Not With My Brain You Don’t” is a self- published medical thriller that will appeal to audiences that like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story concept with a monstrously evil villain as the main character. The book is chock-full of cliffhangers and depicts a struggle between good and evil.

Tenney hopes “Not With My Brain You Don’t” will set a new standard in authorship and readership and reach a lot of people.

About the author

Tenney employs his medical knowledge to create “Not with My Brain You Don’t”, a novel about the use of blood clot dissolving drugs in the treatment of heart attacks. His original research in this field combined with years of patient care qualifies him to construct this intricate story about the vagaries of physicians and patients. He is a cardiologist who lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he enjoys fishing, reading, traveling, training horses and walking his dogs.

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