Despite the current downturn, iNf4mation takes strategic measures to remain optimistic for the future

August 31 21:26 2022
iNf4mation has defied the odds this year despite a recent lull period.

August 31, 2022 – iNf4mation has seen the good, bad and the ugly since their last update in June making this a good time to also reflect on some of the company’s successes and achievements, as well as highlight some of the unexpected road bumps encountered too:

iNf4mation’s well established and highly active Twitter account of five years. with nearly 19,000 Tweets and 50,000 followers has been unexpectedly suspended for reasons “unknown”. 

Global General Manager, Cory Warfield has said “We are in communication with Twitter, but due to the sheer volume of Tweets, this is going to take some time to resolve; albeit, our new Discord channel is booming” (

The company also boasts over 70,000 subscribing email members who they email on a regular basis.

“Our email open rate is over 30% which means people love to hear from us. It gives us enormous peace of mind amid all that is happening around us. We always believe that every cloud has a silver lining”, stated Mr. Warfield.

Speaking about the current global downturn, Mr. Warfield mentioned about the sudden and unexpected changes they were forced to make in their development and marketing teams due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. The company was compelled to rebuild the entire platform codebase all over again due to the ongoing situation.

“Parting with the dev team has also had a huge impact on our product as we start rebuilding the entire platform codebase with the new development team; and we appreciate everyone’s patience at this delicate time. We could never have envisaged or planned for such a costly rebuild when we started on our journey back in 2018! That said, it is probably a “Sliding-Doors” moment as had we remained on Ethereum, we would probably have had an exhaustive testing effort anyway with the imminent Merge expected!”

Mr. Warfield also apologized for postponing the proposed token listing that was scheduled to happen in the 2nd half-of-the-year.

“We have to be pragmatic when dealing with unexpected world events which are out-if-our-control such as the global pandemic, global conflict and global economic conditions; and it is for this reason that we will be delaying our token launch plans until 2023. For the short term, we are going to focus on optimising our  Marketplace, continue work on the two customer Use Cases that we have and continue with the & SFBC Salesforce appExchange and integration product that we have independently designed and developed; obviously and as-is always the case: our forward looking statements apply!

We also know that there is a thirst for knowledge. We absolutely want to be able to give as much information as is practicably possible and we schedule these public informational releases and updates at the appropriate moments. We hope that the community can understand that and allow us to get-on and run the business and we will provide them with updates as-and-when they are publicly available to share.”

Despite the road bumps, iNf4mation have still defied all of the odds! Here is a summary of the company’s achievements and developments:

1. iNf4mation has debuted on CMC

2. 4.9 out of 5 star ratings on TrustPilot

3. Introduction of exclusive NFTs to the company architecture that will be fundamental to the company’s Data Privacy platform

4. iNf4mation has launched live capability on Binance’s Smart Chain. The company chose Binance Smart chain as it assures ultra-low fees and ultra-low carbon emissions

5. The company is taking proactive steps to offset carbon emissions by donating any transaction fees earned to the “Protect Our Planet” foundation

6. iNf4mation is proud to present a live and functioning Marketplace and minting engine

7. The company is working on two live customer use cases in the UK and USA

8. The company has a live integration with the Salesforce ecosystem that can successfully pass media and metadata via the company’s Managed Package (app) to-and-from the Salesforce Platform to the Marketplace and INf4mation minting engine

9. The company has already embarked on its Salesforce Partner and public Salesforce appExchange journey in line with the company’s Q3-2022 roadmap

Mr. Warfield further emphasized that the whole iNf4mation team is deeply grateful to all of the early adopters for their faith and support in the project. The GGM reiterated that all investors should remember that any purchasing decisions are made on products that are generally available at the time of purchase, and not on promises made for the future.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our early adopters for their constant support and belief in us and our vision and we would also like to reiterate that investors must seek the advice of a professional financial advisor before making any financial decisions or commitments. Always do your own research and always invest wisely. Never invest more than you can afford to lose as your capital is at risk, especially with crypto projects!”

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Disclaimer: iNf4mation, SFBC & Snifty are independent of Salesforce Inc. At no time whatsoever has iNf4mation, SFBC & Snifty knowingly claimed or designed to cause confusion or mistake, or to deceive and mislead anyone into believing that our goods, products or services are authorized, licensed, or controlled by Salesforce Inc, or that our NFTs are affiliated with, or in some way related to Salesforce Inc- other than being issued by us from the Salesforce platform on a Managed Package (app) that iNf4mation, SFBC & Snifty have independently designed and developed and integrated with the iNf4mation platform.

All related information has been clearly outlined in every version of the company whitepaper and can be found in the latest version under both the “Abstract” and Platform Components sections.

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