Introducing the fantasy finance platform StockKnock that teaches investments while rewarding its users

August 31 17:52 2022
Introducing the fantasy finance platform StockKnock that teaches investments while rewarding its users
StockKnock is a fantasy finance platform where users can enhance their investment skills and win prizes.

StockKnock is a fantasy finance platform that has been developed based on the skill levels of the players. The players do not have to pay anything. It is their skill set that does most of the work. StockKnock is like fantasy sports but for investment. To motivate its users, StockKnock also offers a wide range of attractive prizes. 

The platform runs contests, and the sponsors for the different contests pay for the marketing. StockKnock devises new procedures for marketing products. Some of their innovative methods include offering prizes and collecting the names of the participants.

“StockKnocks is mainly a game of skills and does not need any special permission. Users can play for free, learn the key investment skills, and win prizes,” said a spokesperson for StockKnock.

For entering a contest, a customer has to choose and pick a potential prize item that they feel will grow the most during the next opening day.

The platform decides on the winner by selecting the individual whose investment grew the most.

After a person wins a contest, they will be able to claim the reward at the end of the contest which can include an iPad, GoPro, etc. 

To claim the prize, the user has to click the Claim reward button. Then add contact details to the form and wait for the prize to be delivered. Depending on the customer’s location, it might take one to eight weeks to deliver the prize. Shipping might also be charged depending on the location of the user.

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About StockKnock:

A fantasy finance platform called StockKnock was created based on the participants’ skill levels. There is no cost that the participants and they can win free prizes. It is comparable to fantasy sports but to learn investment.

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