“Letters To and From Heidi” by Joe E. Amaral Presents Life Stories that Reveal, Entertain, and Bring Solace

August 31 14:36 2022


Life is a mixed bag of both good and bad things. The mixed emotions that life hands over often go unnoticed in biographies that talk about the successes, failures, and lives of famous people. But, “Letters to and from Heidi” is an exception. It is like the mini-biography of the author, Joe

E. Amaral, showcasing his childhood, growing up years, adulthood, and everything in between.

All of the stories presented in the book are near the author’s heart, beginning with childhood memories. The themes also include the love story that began between Joe and Heidi – they met on the internet, and their relationship bloomed over the years across childhood and teenage years, flowing into adulthood.

“I just write what I love and what I feel at the moment. I love the playing fields,” states the author.

The book revolves around the relationship between Joe and Heidi, their individual lives, and their struggles. It touches basepoints on illnesses they both went through, the family life while growing up, how medications affected them, and the mechanisms of coping with loss. The stories go beyond rosy moments and funny parts, covering tragedies and sad moments as well. Joe and Heidi were close to each other through good and bad times.

“This book is true events which occurred in Heidi’s life, and my life remembered. Heidi’s best medicine, and my best medicine, communicating with one another,” says the author.

Undoubtedly, the author loves Heidi not just as a companion but also looks upon her with high regard for what she accomplished in her life. According to Joe, she was a courageous woman, and even if she feared death, she would still make light of it and laugh.

“Letters to and from Heidi” reveals the author’s life journey and is more enlightening than the biographies of the rich and famous, never failing to strike a chord with the readers at the most intimate level.

Joe E. Amaral has studied freelance writing at home studies. The author began as a freelance writer and has published seven books.

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