JASH MSLA 3D Printer Pegasus 8k Launched on Kickstarter

August 31 14:32 2022
Modular 8k Large-format High-speed Resin 3D Printer with Ball Screw and Various Optional Modules

“There’s a big screen showcasing the details of your project with great or superb details for you to evaluate. There’s also a 5-inch touch screen that turns operating it into a breeze. In a nutshell, you’re in control, when you’re using Pegasus for a printing project,” said Funder of the Jashnc campaign. Jashnc 10.1”8k professional-grade version for those looking for the best resolution a 3D printer can offer.

The printer has an all-metal aluminum structure that gives it a sharp design matched with durability. Its 5-inch operational resistive touchscreen is also built to last while being responsive to multiple types of touches.

A Flip Outer Cover offers enhanced flexibility and better protection during the printing project. Pegasus 8K is equipped with an adjustable resin tank with a handle for a smooth user experience. The design is also aimed at keeping any residues from exiting the tank and polluting the release film. In the same way, there’s a special anti-seep design that ensures that leakages are almost impossible to occur. 

The printer’s platform features a laser pattern that makes it easier and more effective for the model that is being printed to stick to the platform as it is being brought into existence. The platform can be attached to the printer at a 90-degree angle, making it naturally easy for the resin to slide back into the tank when it’s not used. Also, the high-quality stainless-steel lead screws with POM nuts of the sliding belt mean that the device’s operational sounds stay below 50db.

In terms of software, Pegasus comes with Vlare Slicer, a free slicing software that supports CAD files, professional model repairing toolsets, and other editing tools. Still, it is also compatible with CHITUBOX and other slicing software, in case the user prefers to use other programs.

The JASH MSLA 3D Printer Pegasus 6k/8k campaign on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jash-3d-printer/jashnc-msla-3d-printer-pegasus-8k?ref=b9zbi3 is seeking to raise $100,000 to fund the large-scale production of the 3D printer. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the device.

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