Introducing The Doug Rice Show

August 31 16:03 2022
Introducing The Doug Rice Show

There are some people that come along only once in a generation. Their insight and ability to put life in a unique perspective is a special gift, almost immediately made obvious by their eloquent expression. They burst on the scene and make their presence know, and this is one of those people. Doug Rice, or The Doug Rice Show, is a romping good time chock full of a Negro narrative delivered with brutal force and precise expressive detail. Though not a professed minister or pastor, he has the uncanny ability to capture and paint a well-focused mental picture, as seen from the eyes of a generation too long familiar with the plight of Black People in this country.

His YouTube channel, Doug Rice the One and Only, highlights the Lives that are recorded in front of hundreds of people on TikTok. The energy within those moments and the information that creates it are quite an experience for those who enjoy plain talk and direct observance. His audience simply devours his every point and hangs on nearly every word.

His critics are given just a few moments of quarter within the confines of the Live environment, only to be summarily dismissed by his diligent Moderator, D’Trina! What a pair these two make as the wordsmithing ensues, pouring out like a gentile summer rain, filling the minds of the participants with the moister of solid knowledge and information. They soak it all up and quench the thirst of ignorance! His support comes from donation platforms like Patreon and CashApp ($thedougriceshow).

Doug Rice is on a mission. That mission appears to be to GET THAT *** GRIN OF YOUR FACES!!! He’s furthering that directive with sharply delivered and current news stories regarding the experience of Negroes trapped within the confines of this Penal Colony built FOR US, BY US! One by one he reads the headlines and then may stare blankly into the camera and ask, “Still grinnin’?” Opening every show with good morning! And ending with GTGDGOYF is the highlight of the day of so many Negroes or “Black” people that to not give his show a try, would mean you’d be missing out!

As this society moves closer and closer to being a Christian Nationalist Nation full of disgruntled and privileged people that seem determined to find fault with the same Black People that they drug over here from their country. This show is a refreshing reprieve from the constant bombardment of insults and innuendos we all suffer from at the hands of Caucasity, as well as the stifling and muting of Negro voices and expression on social media platforms everywhere.

The Doug Rice Show also promotes Social Media Platforms that are owned and operated for us, by us. and are just 2 success stories that prove we can create a haven for Negroes who are sick and tired of being put in a time out on platforms owned by people that can’t relate to what we might express online, and so penalize us for saying or posting anything they deem inappropriate or against their personal values. We are always at the mercy of those that don’t have our best interests at heart!

So, check out The Doug Rice Show on YouTube and elsewhere! It’s a solid listen coming from a solid Brother!

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