V Home Tech announces its business expansion from a global financial industry licensing provider to one-stop financial services management

August 31 09:36 2022
Currently, V Home Tech maximizes the value created by its expertise and provides full process support for the global financial and crypto markets. We can provide global clients with digital currency license application services, foreign exchange license application services and company registration.

With the landing of national policies and technological iterations, the regulation of each country is tightening. Major companies, institutions and platforms in the industry must have the support of national policies and the issuance of relevant licenses to achieve better development, and regulatory security is undoubtedly a top priority. As the crypto market gradually matures, countries with relevant bills will further improve their regulatory systems, and some countries that have not yet enacted bills may step up their deployment. It is expected that more countries will legislate for cryptocurrencies and assets in the coming years to promote the compliance of the market. In the current situation, whether it is blockchain applications, digital currency exchanges or derivative application projects, compliance will become the key to survival.

“In this process, relevant licenses, qualifications and even resources for compliance support services will become more and more scarce. The first step to be invincible in the fierce market competition is to obtain relevant qualification licenses or recognition from regulatory agencies”, the relevant person in charge of V-Home Tech pointed out. As the world’s largest and most qualified professional financial license solution provider, we are providing cryptocurrency exchange license processing, foreign exchange license processing, financial license processing, overseas business license processing, overseas media promotion and other full-process supporting services worldwide.

It is reported that V Home Tech Limited (V Home Tech for short) was established in 2008, based in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, is a professional economic information consulting enterprise. It is committed to overseas company registration, global business license processing, financial license application, mergers and acquisitions and other economic information consulting services. With 16 years of industry experience, we provide customers with one-stop offshore compliance services, mainly providing users with worldwide company registration and maintenance services, offering offshore registration in more than 60 countries and regions. At present, we have served 101088 customers and successfully applied for overseas companies, business licenses and overseas compliance licenses for more than 270 exchanges and enterprises going abroad.

Comprehensive business access & One-stop solution for customer needs

Currently, V Home Tech maximizes the value created by its expertise and provides full process support for the global financial and crypto markets. We can provide global clients with.

Digital currency license application services such as US MSB, Canada MSB, Australia AUSTRAC, Switzerland VQF, US RIA, Malaysia RMO, Gibraltar DLT, Estonia MTR, Australia ASIC AR, etc..

Foreign exchange license application services for Dubai DFSA, Philippines VASP, Cayman CIMA, Cyprus CySec, Seychelles FSA, Nuwaiti VFSC, Hong Kong FSA, Singapore MAS, New Zealand FMA, UK FCA AR, etc..

Company registration in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Cayman, Germany, BVI, etc., and registration services for the United States Foundation, Cayman Foundation, Singapore Foundation, United Kingdom Foundation, etc..

For example, the U.S. MSB license is regulated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and issued a Class I financial license, the main object of regulation is the money services related business and companies, including digital currency, virtual currency trading, ICO issuance, and foreign exchange, international remittances and other business. High global visibility, the United States must be authorized to operate related businesses, cost-effective, short processing cycle, suitable for the earliest exchanges to obtain the license. The MSB is the most well-known and must-get license in the digital currency world, and the initial recipients include Huobi, Binance, Okex and many other large exchanges.

“Whether you are in the business of cryptocurrency, forex, futures, spot, options, or financial derivatives, ICO, V Home Tech can assist your platform to become a leading international trader and market maker and gain better trust from your customers.”

Professional solutions for customers’ future outlook

V Home Tech is committed to providing the best financial industry licensing solutions to our clients, solving their problems and obstacles. V Home Tech’s licensing experts have in-depth knowledge of the financial derivative products and trading products that our clients are engaged in, as well as unparalleled expertise in the licensing process for those products.

For each of our clients, V Home Tech provides an in-depth understanding of the company’s product attributes, market conditions, and company size, and provides a complete and independent set of solutions to meet the client’s current needs and long-term business outlook. At present, a number of dealers and market makers who have applied for financial licenses through V-Home Tech have become the leading organizations in the market.

In addition, V Home Tech provides ongoing compliance support with over 40 security personnel, including veterans who assess peripheral risks and PhDs in cryptographic attack analysis, providing legal, financial, and audit compliance guidance and assistance to meet regulatory compliance requirements. For example, we cooperate with blockchain security companies such as PeckShield, Manmu Technology, and Chain Security Technology to provide guidance on procedures, code, white papers, legal compliance, and financial aspects involved in our clients’ business, helping them break through as soon as possible and laying the foundation for subsequently becoming an industry benchmark.

Fast response, one-to-one dedicated matchmaking, transparent pricing, and effort saving. Our team of experts with decades of experience, including legal, financial, trade, cryptocurrency, intellectual property, finance, accountants, analysts, business consultants and other industry elites, is centered in Hong Kong and radiates globally. Adhering to the service philosophy of “accumulate virtue, store righteousness; enjoy dedication, sincerity”, we make the one-stop solution more professional, efficient, convenient and low-cost by focusing on our clients.

Global Promotion & Make your company or project known quickly

After completing the application for cryptocurrency exchange license, foreign exchange license, financial license and overseas business license, V Home Tech can also help clients to quickly conduct overseas media promotion.

Media promotion resources include North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and more regions, such as Associated Press, Fox Broadcasting, Yahoo, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Google Finance, Voice of Kuala Lumpur, ASEAN Report, AFP, Ansa News Agency, TASS, UK First News, Germany Finance, West Germany News, Asahi News, Hong Kong Wahoo Finance, Morning Star Finance (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Taiwan News Network, Anadolu Agency, Middle East News Agency, Bahrain News Agency and Latin America, and other more than 5,000 media resources worldwide. Publishing the company’s brand, platform, projects and products in global authoritative portals is conducive to establishing brand credibility, improving recognition, increasing brand keyword popularity and laying a solid foundation for subsequent promotion.

In the future, V Home Tech will continue to provide global customers with safe and stable, professional and convenient, low-cost one-stop services for all kinds of license application, company registration and global media. Let customers in the state of complete qualification, a greater range of popular business, a greater degree of sharing the wealth feast brought by globalization.

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