BOC Sciences’ In-Stock mRNA in vivo Delivery Kit: Efficient and User-Friendly

August 31 11:52 2022

New York, USA – August 31, 2022 – BOC Sciences offers ready-to-use mRNA in vivo delivery kits for mRNA vaccine/drug research and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing applications with high efficiency and low toxicity.

In vivo transfection reagents are the most powerful alternative to viral vectors for nucleic acid delivery. They are easy to use, cost-effective, and considered safe and efficient vehicles for RNA delivery. As a promising method of nucleic acid-based therapy, mRNA transfection can effectively deliver genome materials into cells and offer an attractive substitute for plasmid DNA. Meanwhile, non-viral mRNA delivery strategies have already proven their efficiency in vaccination through antigen-presenting cell modification as well as anti-cancer therapy by directly targeting malignant cells.

BOC Sciences’ in vivo transfection reagents are made of proprietary formulas that can interact with nucleic acids and enter cells through endocytosis. Besides, they can protect nucleic acids from lysosomal degradation and effectively release those nucleic acids from lysosomes to ensure maximum functionality. Furthermore, the use of in vivo transfection reagents for nucleic acid transfection has demonstrated promising in vivo outcomes within mice and rats.

BOC Sciences’ mRNA in vivo Delivery Kit contains safe and effective transfection reagents specifically designed to deliver RNA molecules in vivo. It can transfect RNA into a wide range of cell types with minimal cellular toxicity. Meanwhile, systemic or local injection routes of transfection reagents induce different organ targeting. In addition, mRNA delivery using BOC Sciences’ mRNA in vivo delivery kit includes a user-friendly protocol and is suitable for specialized applications, including but not limited to protein expression, CRISPR genome editing, mRNA vaccine development, etc.

The marketing manager of BOC Sciences said: “Our mRNA in vivo delivery kit can help researchers in achieving sustained protein expression, gene editing, and mRNA vaccine. In order to simplify experimental steps, our products can be administered in vivo through flexible routes, like intravenous injection, peritoneal injection, and intratumoral injection. If you are interested in our other in vivo transfection reagents, please take a look at our official website.”

BOC Sciences also provides other kinds of reliable in vivo transfection reagents for life science research, which can safely and effectively deliver DNA, siRNA, mRNA, and oligonucleotides within animal models while not causing inflammation.

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BOC Sciences provides a variety of transfection reagents for different project needs, including in vivo transfection reagents, nucleic acids transfection reagents, and protein transfection reagents. Through advanced formulations and optimized transfection methods, biomolecules (DNARNAprotein) can be efficiently delivered to attain various therapeutic means.

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