Tulsa Tree Experts Helps Homeowner Get Rid of Invasive Trees to Prevent Further Property Damage

August 31 10:51 2022


Tulsa, Oklahoma – A company that has always boasted the ability to help homeowners avoid property damage, yesterday, Tulsa Tree Experts had to help a homeowner get rid of two trees. According to the homeowner, Louis Scott, the two trees were standing next to his house and had been doing damage to his floor.


“The family was always fixing cracks on the floor every few months,” said Louis Scott. “However, being inexperienced when it comes to the characteristics of different types of trees, no one in the family could have figured out that this damage was being caused by the two trees the family was depending on for shade. The trees looked good on the outside—however, inside the soil, the trees were the predator that was taking money from the family’s pockets.”

The homeowner noted that his original goal when inviting Tulsa Tree Experts to his landscape was tree trimming. Louis Scott reportedly wanted the company to take care of tree trimming on the two trees since their crowns had expanded significantly and he did not like the way the overcrowding was damaging their naturally attractive shape.

“When the cost estimate professional arrived on the landscape and took a quick look at the trees,” said Scott, “the first thing he asked was whether the family had noticed some cracks on the floor. When the family concurred, the professional noted that the family should consider removing the trees instead of tree trimming.”

Louis Scott reportedly looked at the amount he had been spending on the floor repairs and the value that the trees created on the landscape and realized that he was operating at a loss. Tulsa Tree Experts also made him understand that with time, the damage would keep worsening.

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“The family immediately told the professional to perform a cost estimate for the tree removal procedure instead of the tree trimming procedure,” said Scott. “The tree removal procedure was affordable and the family had enough money to pay for it. The family immediately asked the professional to get started with the tree removal procedure.”

Scott noted that Tulsa Tree Experts did an extremely good job with the tree removal. The team of tree removal experts arrived on the landscape with advanced tools that ranged from cranes to stump removal machines.

“In under 3 hours,” said Scott, “the company had removed the two trees and was working on removing the stumps. The team insisted on the stump removal since stump grinding could have created a situation where the stump could develop seedlings and start creating the same issues the removed trees had created.”

The homeowner noted that the stump removal was a little bit complicated as the team had to ensure the roots were pulled out and those that remained underground were killed.

“The company did not leave the landscape until the full stumps were brought out and it was clear that there would be no regrowth,” said Scott. “The company also went ahead and filled the holes and collected the waste.”

The homeowner noted that Tulsa Tree Experts charged him a very affordable fee to help him avoid spending $5,000 annually on house repairs. He noted that he would keep recommending the company’s services to family and friends as a way of appreciation.

Tulsa Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 3171 S 129th East Ave Ste A PMB 2070 Tulsa, OK, 74134. To order the company’s services, you can use 539-666-4317 and [email protected]

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