Tree Service Ontario Appreciated for Having a Responsive Customer Service Team

August 31 10:36 2022


Ontario, Canada – A company that has been known to be big on keeping time and ensuring customers are happy with tree service procedures, Tree Service Ontario has been lauded for having the best customer service team. According to a new customer, Jim Carter, the company has the most responsive customer service team.


“The customer service team is usually the first point of contact between a company and a customer,” said Jim Carter when describing his experience with the Tree Service Ontario customer care team. “It does not matter how good your tree services are—if your customer service team is not good enough, chances are the customer will never get to enjoy those services and turn into your regular customer. For this reason, the better your customer service is, the better your chances of success.”

Jim Carter noted that he had used a large number of tree service companies before he learned about Tree Service Ontario. The company reportedly went above and beyond for him from the first point of contact.

“Tree Service Ontario came into the picture when the family needed an emergency tree service procedure,” said Jim Carter. “This was yesterday at around 11 pm. The family contacted all the companies it worked with in the past. The phone rang and no one picked it. The family was in dire need of help with a tree that was leaning dangerously over the roof of the house. However, the companies that the family had paid premium prices in the past were not willing to help the family avoid the imminent danger.”

Jim Carter noted that he had to turn to the internet to find a new team to work with. He told a group of reporters that he found Tree Service Ontario on the internet.

“The reputation of Tree Service Ontario spoke for itself,” said Jim Carter. “The company had managed to satisfy its clients and earn dozens of positive testimonials. In fact, on the company’s Google My Business page, no homeowner was complaining about the company. Everyone was praising the company—they noted that the company’s customer service team was very responsive.”

To see how Tree Service Ontario keeps its clients happy, read this story:

The homeowner reportedly grabbed the company’s number from its Google My Business page and dialed. The homeowner was reportedly surprised when his call was received on the first ring.

“Even though it was about 11:15 pm,” said Jim Carter, “the customer service agent on the other end of the line sounded concerned about the family. After listening to the family’s needs very attentively, the professional noted that he would be sending a team to help with the tree maintenance procedure. He promised to put an emergency tree service team on the landscape in under an hour.”

The customer service agent reportedly kept his word. A team of tree experts arrived on Jim’s landscape a few minutes before midnight. And without waiting, the company immediately started prepping the tree for removal.

“Watching the company work on the tree removal in the middle of the night was quite fun,” said Jim Carter. “The company first tied the tree with ropes which were then hooked to the crane. The crane lifted the tree as the team worked to cut through the base. A job that the family thought would take the entire night took about 1.5 hours. What was even better, the company charged the family a very affordable emergency tree removal cost.”

Tree Service Ontario’s base of operation sits at 1264 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2B 3C9, Canada. Homeowners can contact the company at +1 226-781-4141 and [email protected]

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