Tree Service Experts Arlington Completes a Large Tree Trimming Projected on the Set Timeline

August 31 09:36 2022


Arlington, Texas – When Julius decided to sell his home, he wanted to do a quick curb appeal improvement. After going for years without using tree trimming or tree pruning on the landscape, Julius knew that the unattractive curb appeal would impact the property’s price negatively.


“A family friend has been selling homes in Arlington for a long time now,” said Julius. “When the family decided to sell the home, one of the first things that the family did was contact him, fly him in and have him look at the property and provide feedback. Just as expected, one of the first things he noticed about the landscape was the poorly maintained curb appeal. He noted that the curb appeal alone would lower the cost of the property by more than 30%.”

Julius noted that the goal of selling his property in Arlington was to move to Orlando Florida where he had taken a new job. For this reason, he wanted the tree improvement done as soon as possible.

“The family was not going to move from a fully owned house to a rented house in Orlando,” said Julius. “Therefore, the goal was to sell the house on this landscape and use that money to pay for a house that the family had already found in Orlando.”

The homeowner reportedly talked to his friends to determine the team of tree cutting professionals that would respond quickly to his request and work on the tree trimming without wasting any time. All his friends mentioned that they had worked with Tree Service Experts Arlington and had enjoyed the company’s ability to keep time and offer great results.

“The family immediately called Tree Service Experts Arlington after receiving the recommendations from friends,” said Julius. “The company did not waste any time. Its team of tree cutting professionals arrived on the landscape on the same day to provide a cost estimate and initiate the tree trimming project.”

Julius was overly impressed when he learned that working with Tree Service Experts Arlington would be extremely affordable. From the cost estimate he had received from the company, the overall cost of the project would be over 20% cheaper than the amount he had set aside for the entire procedure.

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“The team initiated the tree trimming procedure on the same day,” said Julius. “The family wanted the tree trimming project completed in a week so that the home could go on sale at the beginning of next week. However, from what the family witnessed on the very first day, it was very clear that the project would be completed earlier.”

Julius noted that Tree Service Experts Arlington trimmed more than 15 trees on the first day. Before leaving, the company went ahead and collected the waste generated by the tree trimming procedure.

“The entire landscape had about 50 trees that needed tree trimming,” said Julius. “On the 3 days that followed, the company completed the tree trimming project, worked on the hedge, and ensured that the home had the best possible appearance.”

Julius noted that while he is moving to Orlando, Tree Service Experts Arlington is a company he will keep recommending to his friends in Arlington and the neighboring regions. He noted that the company was experienced and knew how to keep time. What’s more, he appreciated the company for having a very affordable tree service cost.

Tree Service Experts Arlington schedules its tree trimming procedures from its base of operation located at 2317 Roosevelt Dr, Arlington, TX 76016, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 682-228-6642 and [email protected]

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