San Antonio Tree Pros Uses Tree Trimming to Reduce Overcrowding on an Orchard

August 31 09:21 2022


San Antonio, California – When Joshua Cruz invited San Antonio Tree Pros to his landscape, the homeowner expected the company would just remove several fruit trees and then leave. To his surprise, San Antonio Tree Pros made him realize that fruit tree removal was not necessary—the company reportedly fixed the overcrowding problems with trimming.


To understand how the team of tree cutting professionals from the company managed to convert a tree removal into a tree trimming procedure, a group of reporters contacted the San Antonio Tree Pros chief of field operations.

“One thing that most homeowners often forget is that trees need room to breathe,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “What homeowners with orchards in their backyards do is that they plant their fruit trees and then harvest annually without looking at the impact the branches on the trees create on the productivity. It is only when the productivity dwindles significantly that homeowners start paying attention to what’s going on in their orchards.”

“This is what happened to Joshua’s orchard,” added the chief of field operations. “The homeowner only started paying special attention to his landscape when his orange productivity dropped to below 50%.”

The chief of field operations mentioned that when Joshua called the company’s office, his thoughts were fixated on removing several orange trees from his landscape. According to the tree care professional, the homeowner thought that the reason productivity had dwindled was that the trees had overgrown and were squeezing into each other’s space.

“Joshua was not wrong,” said the chief of field operations. “Looking at the trees showed an image where the trees were standing too close to each other. However, what may have escaped the homeowner is the fact that this closeness was a result of the overgrown branches. However, since Joshua did not understand the different types of tree maintenance procedures that improve trees, he only thought the best way to go about fixing his orchard was to remove several trees.”

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The chief of field operations noted that while tree removal would have been more lucrative and would have helped the company earn more money, his company believes in only handling the necessary procedures.

“Joshua wanted the company to remove about 10 trees from the orchard,” said the chief of field operations. “Compared to tree trimming, the tree removal procedure would have put about 4x more money in the company’s bank account. However, the company has never forced homeowners to pay for the wrong tree maintenance procedures. And yesterday, the company was not about to initiate this on Joshua’s landscape.”

San Antonio Tree Pros reportedly initiated the tree removal procedure at about 8 am. Trimming about 3 trees every hour, the company had trimmed 39 trees by the time 7 pm rolled on and the sun disappeared. The team had only about 11 trees remaining on the orchard that had not been trimmed.”

“The team was working extra-carefully to ensure no damage came to the trees on the landscape,” said the chief of field operations. “Working in the dark would have created an ideal environment for mistakes to occur and tree damage to happen.”

The chief of field operations arrived at Joshua’s landscape earlier today and completed the tree trimming. When the reporters contacted Joshua to understand his level of satisfaction. The homeowner noted that he was fully satisfied with the results generated by San Antonio Tree Pros and would keep using the company’s services.

San Antonio Tree Pros offices are located at 1721 South WW White Road Suite 120 – 34, 78220 San Antonio, CA. Homeowners can contact the company at 210-879-8767 and [email protected]

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