Monterey Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Transplant Tree to Create Room for Property Development Project

August 31 08:39 2022


Monterey, California – When Barbra decided to go into farming, she knew she had to build a storage facility for her farm produce. The only thing that was holding her project back was that the best spot for the storage facility was occupied by a tree. The homeowner knew that she had to get rid of this tree before she could proceed with the new property development project.

“The family had never handled a tree removal project before,” said Barbra. “Therefore, no one knew a company that could offer great results when it came to tree removal. However, after asking around to determine which company offers the best results when it comes to bringing down trees, most homeowners suggested Monterey Tree Service Experts.”

Barbra noted that the homeowners who suggested Monterey Tree Service Experts noted they had been using the company for its tree removal, tree trimming, and tree pruning services and had never regretted their decision. According to the homeowners, the company had the best team, years of experience, and advanced tree maintenance gear.

“Hiring Monterey Tree Service Experts was the best decision the family made,” said Barbra while narrating her experience with the company. “While most companies would have removed the tree, the company was more than willing to help the family keep its tree alive.”

Barbra noted that when she called Monterey Tree Service Experts to request a tree removal, the team sent a professional to check out the tree and provide a cost estimate.

“The professional sent by the company for the cost estimate was very open about the project,” said Barbra. “He analyzed the tree and provided the cost estimate for the tree removal procedure. However, he mentioned that since the tree was healthy and the family had enough room to accommodate the tree in another location, tree removal wouldn’t be the best option. He noted that the company was equipped to transplant the tree to a new location, creating room for the new storage facility and helping the family keep its tree alive.”

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“The professional was very clear that compared to tree removal,” added Barbra, “the tree transplanting procedure would be slightly expensive. The family, however, was not worried about the money—the family was not operating under a budget and was more than willing to pay for the tree transplanting procedure.”

When Barbra gave the company’s professional a go-ahead for the transplanting procedure, he worked with her to find a good place to move the tree. The professional also adjusted the initial cost estimate to match the cost of transplanting the tree.

“When the transplanting plans were complete,” said Barbra, “all that the professional had to do was call his company’s office and request the team to help with the transplanting procedure. The professional communicated the instructions per what the family had agreed on. An hour later, the team of tree cutting professionals from Monterey Tree Service Experts was already on the landscape working to transplant the tree.”

Barbra noted that she enjoyed watching the team from Monterey Tree Service Expertsworking on the tree transplanting. The company reportedly went ahead and created a hole for the tree in the selected location. The team removed the tree from the ground together with the roots, loaded it on a special truck, and took it to its new location.

“The complicated procedure took about 3 hours,” said Barbra. “The only thing the family will need to do for the next several months is water the tree. The family cannot thank the company enough.”

Monterey Tree Service Experts’ office is located at 2110 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 831-298-8745 and [email protected]

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